Solar Roof Shingles Reduce Your Electric Bill

solar roof shingles

Solar power is a renewable resource which can never get exhausted, no matter how much you use it. Using it to full effect can help you save a lot of money. Solar roof shingles are the latest modified form of solar panels which are being used at homes to get the maximum out of sun’s energy. Roof shingles powered by solar energy are still a very new technology to most people, but many are already using them because of their long term benefits.

What are solar roof shingles?

These are basic looking shingles which can generate electricity by converting the sun rays into electrical energy. Solar roof shingles are installed on the roof, tilted towards the direction of the sun. Once you connect them with home appliances, you will notice a drastic reduction of your electricity bills. Each shingle has the ability to produce electricity between 17 to 50 watts. That doesn't sound much but adds up quickly when multiplied by a whole square footage of the roof. Shingles come with special support structures that can withstand wind speeds equal to 80 mph.
The technical name used for solar roof shingles by scientists is Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIVP)

How to install solar roof shingles?

Solar roof shingles can be installed faster than solar panels. The initial cost of this technology is estimated around $20,000. Both, front and back side of the roof can be covered with solar shingles because the systems doesn't require direct sunlight but produce electricity as long as there’s daylight, even on cloudy days.

They are installed like asphalt tiles. These are put in layered form on the roof with 5 inches of the shingle exposed to sun. After the installation, wiring is connected to home electrical appliances by electrician or expert in solar energy systems. You can then feed the electricity back into your local power grid or go off grid entirely.

Long Term Benefits of Solar roof shingles

Although these solar roof shingles are expensive initially in long term perspective, they can prove to be the cheapest way to generate electricity.

  • The cost of maintenance and monetizing is very economical.
  • They can be used in very remote places on earth.
  • People living near equator can use it to its full potential as they receive sun’s UV rays all throughout the year.
  • The quantity of power generated by such system is enough to fulfill home needs.
  • They are easily replaceable, flexible and a green way to produce electricity, which is the main reason behind the invention of the technology.


  1. We're heading this way as fast as possible. GAF is coming out with a solar shingle but at the pace they move it will be years before they get one out or change their mind as they did with the GE partnership.
    Anything I can do to help my business, my community and our future generations I'm all for.
    Jon Wright Roofing
    Irving, Texas

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