Oil Price is heading towards $200 per barrel

The president of OPEC Chakib Khelil has warned, that the price of oil is going to reach $200 rank per barrel, soon, encouraged by market speculations, weak dollar, geopolitical tensions and ever high demand from new emerging economies such as China and India. Strike in Scottish refinery Grangemouth and problems in ExxonMobil's oil plants in Nigeria are additionally press the situation.
He said, that there is no shortage of oil on the market, yet the price is constantly rising.

Oil producing countries and oil corporations are profiteering massively, due to the record oil prices.
On the contrary, every day life of world population is getting more and more expensive, due to ever increasing energy prices. Absolutely all products and services are strongly effected by ever rising record oil/energy prices. Our total dependency on Oil is simply ridiculous and very silly, and is just asking for constant problems, even 'bloody wars'.

What a perfect scenario for wide and overall introduction of free and endless solar power. Still, world leaders, such as President George W. Bush and PM Gordon Brown, simply don't want even to hear about changes in existent energy sources, which is so very transparent from their (their governments) investments. $Trillions were spent for war in Iraq, hundreds of $billions are spent for oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and only 'tinny peanuts' have been spent for renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind, sea currents, tidal power, geothermal, etc.

As far as I know, there hasn't been any report yet about the lack of solar energy, due to geopolitical tension, religious opinion, language, race, etc. Our sun works non-stop to send us more than enough power to cover absolutely all world's energy needs. We only need to use it...

Free and Endless Solar Power is calling a Man to be recognized.

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Solar Light Power Every Day no matter the Oil Lobby

Solar Light allows us to see, to live and to think. There is more than enough solar light reaching our planet every hour to power all our energy needs, if only we wanted to. Solar light should have inspired Presidents and Prime Ministers and their staff to think only a bit more than usually, tinny bit deeply and profoundly, more long term.

This morning BBC presented some news about amazingly high profits, which oil corporations like Shell and BP had been achieved in last 3 months. They earned more than $14 billion profit in last 3 months. This is truly wonderful news, for their godfathers, advisers, shareholders, managers and employees, and ever hungry 'black hole' in the form of government budget. Profit is the main purpose of any business activity, they say. Of course, it is. Without a profit at the end of the financial period, life of any company simply stops and there is a crisis.

Oil has become ultra fashionable and ultra profitable commodity in recent years, after the President George W. Bush had managed to launch another 'Vietnam like' war in Iraq, but this time not for the sake of 'Counter Communism', but OIL. Black, thick, smelly, but super pricey Oil is Making the World go Round, these days and these years, as well.
I know, that the President had been obtained more than proficient 'Oil Education and Drill' in his own ultra successful family business, but that was his private family affair, which had been totally unlawfully transferred to the whole nation. Does USA really needs another security agency to spy upon a President, not to abuse country's resources for its own selfish purpose? Another 'PFBI', which is also going to care, that nobody in the White House is going to delete official emails, any more, even though any citizen should have believed such a story/excuse, because it is pure lie.

President simply cannot conquer the Iraq on a long term basis, because there are going to be 'far too many casualties for a good taste' and the USA is going to bankrupt, because of such a silly policy. Nothing long term and meaningful is possible to achieve by brute force and no respect for local culture, religion, habits, language, etc. President and his team of 'old boys' knew that, very well, yet the bright prospect of record oil prices and profiteering from them was simply too tempting to resist.
The result is financially ruined USA, much lower reputation of American Democracy and Free Thinking, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, thousands on US side, as well.
The cost is much more than $3 trillion of tax payers money, and now the same tax payers are getting back peanuts in 'Tax-Donuts/cheques' to 'blind their sight'.

US are the vast land of vast resources. Land, commodities, air, water, but its people are those, who make it Great. Free thinking, which can flow freely all over the country.
And there is the Solar Light, the immense Solar Power, which could very fast and very successfully replace the Oil, if only the President and his team make a decision about it.

I wonder, what is the name of the American President, who is going to embrace free and endless solar power and truly make this country energy independent for good. Who is going to make American environment clean for the sake of His People and Their Children, as well?

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Solar Power is such an Immense Opportunity for Energy Hungry Mankind

If we could only comprehend the fact of what the Solar Power could really mean for the present and the future of humankind?!
If we could only comprehend the range of immense solar energy, which touches our planet Earth every single moment?! And how much renewable power could be generated by our empty solar roofs?

Why the humanity needs to be threatened by the disaster of global warming and climate change, before it finally realizes, that it is really about life and death, now?

Are our top politicians really only a bunch of 'power greedy low minded idiots', even though thousands of 'servants' (read government employees) need to care about their every day needs to feel privileged and honored to the ridiculous extent of red carpet, police cordons and state of the art media spin?

One only needs to know to calculate and to know basic numeracy, chemistry, physics, biology and history, which is taught at schools all over the world, to understand to where our energy (oil) hungry society is heading to.
Our top politicians are university educated individuals, who should have known enough about basic natural science and history. Why then, they are not acting accordingly with the real serious threats to the human race, which are global warming and climate changes?

Why than, many new coal power plants are opening every single week around our planet?
Why than, thousands and thousands of acres of forests are cut every single day?
Why than, tens and tens of $billions are spent every year for an archaic and quite ridiculous Olympic games, and just 'peanuts' for wide use of renewable energy sources, such as free and endless solar power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal, etc.?

Why Olympic games are ridiculous in the present form? China is one of the most polluted places of this 'wonderful blue' planet Earth, yet they are hosting Olympic games in their foggy smog, where it is really dangerous to breath outdoor, let alone to truly enjoy the beauty of nature and to fulfill one's lungs with fresh air by performing any sport.
That's a chemical pollution, but there is more. There is also a political pollution, which kills hundreds of innocent people there, because they have their own language, nationality, culture, but they are not allowed to express it, because of the communist party's terror.
China has thousands of $billions of cash reserves, yet nobody there is spending this vast sums for the environment and renewable energy sources, even though they are far the biggest 'pollution generating machine' on Earth.

When than, we could expect wider use of free and endless Solar Power? When are we going to finally realize, how our empty solar roofs could work for us to produce green renewable electricity and heat?
It is entirely up to top politicians, because we are simply to used to be guided by them and their power of personal reputation. I can only hope, they are going to bite that 'green solar powered apple', soon.

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Use of Solar Power pays off in Seattle

I stumbled upon a very interesting web site yesterday. It was the web site of
Johnson Braund Design Group, Seattle, Washington. This company has successfully accomplished thousands of architectural projects all over the US.

But, what really grabbed my attention was their environmentally friendly approach in all of their activities. They have realized, as a business, that they couldn't promote new, environmentally sustainable design/architecture in their regular services to their clients as successfully as possible, unless they wouldn't have applied all those technologies at their own headquarters and to really tested them, before promoting them further.
In 2007, the company also decided to cut their electricity bill by 50% till the end of 2008.

The company completely reorganized their energy management and consumption and their overall results are truly amazing. The size of the company is quite perfect, if we also want to apply similar solutions in any residence home or in any small private business. We only need to downsize it.
(I am really not interested in larger companies, because their approach is not compatible with residential housing and private budget, as well.)

Considering the use of solar power, the company decided to choose photovoltaics in the form of solar panels. They really wanted to use all benefits of solar power harvesting and they have decided also for high capacity battery banks, and they even split them into 2 separate units to achieve even higher level of energy security and to really get totally energy independent, considering the most important business functions: architectural design (computer workstations, servers) and front office.

They have found out, that they have had quite frequent power outages in their area. Only one such day costs the company more than $50.000 in lost revenue. One year, they had 8 such days in Seattle. Just by elimination of such power outages, the company totally repaid the investment. And there are many more benefits of their own renewable electricity production.

Some stats:
Power of Solar panel array: 10kW
Battery banks: 4600 amp hour
Cost of investment: $96,797
Planed ROI (return of investment): 10 years

- $29,039: Commercial installation-the company is eligible for an instant 30% federal tax credit
- $21,722: Accelerated depreciation over 5 years: cut out of the cost of the system
- $13,579: value of electricity not used in 10 years

The solar photovoltaics panels are warranted until 2032. By that time, the solar system will have saved $31,505 in electricity.

Other advantages:
- power independence of company's main business activities
- increased value of the property (about 10% for the residence home)
- renewable energy generation knowledge and experience
- much lower carbon footprint of the company
- practical - day to day education of environmental sustainability among employees
- reputation - marketing purpose of being energy sustainable


Oil hits $120 despite Solar Power which is Endless and Free of charge

Last news:

The price of oil has successfully reached $120 per barrel.

There is a panic of patrol supply due to the Union strike in the most important oil refinery in Britain, which counts for 30% of patrol deliveries in UK.

Rebels attacked the Exxon Mobil's oil field in Nigeria and managed to stop the production. Exxon Mobil is one of the world biggest oil producers.

There were tensions between US cargo ship and Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz with warning shoots being fired at Iranian boats. Through this location 2/5 of the world's oil supply flows.

Massive oil demand of India and China is additionally pushes the oil prices up.

Expect further rise of oil prices.

These news are not very promising, though. But, they were very predictable and they are creating massive profits for oil corporations. Until, all economy is almost 100% based on environmentally dirty oil and gas, which have triggered global warming, climate changes and terrible pollution of our planet, we simply do not have any other choice than to agree in paying constantly higher patrol prices.

Solar power is absolutely free of charge and truly endless. Until, we are not going to accept solar power as our reality, opportunity and the solution of all our energy problems, we will struggle with dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material of nuclear power plants.

Wind power, tidal power, sea currents are all caused by the power of our sun.

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Panic and Shortage of Oil in Britain

Only one strike over the final salary pension scheme for new employees/members, organized by Unite union in Scotland's Grangemouth oil refinery, has been totally disrupted the nation's oil and gas production. We can really feel panic at every level of economy/society from the average car driver to the business executives and governmental officials.
Some patrol stations have already limited the amount of fuel one person could purchase, and they also set new, higher prices of petrol.

Well done, Prime Minister. He has bet and has encouraged total support and investments into oil/gas energy, despite very loud voices of opposition to diversify nation's energy production and distribution. Modern world is simply far too unstable to 'bet only on one horse', yet the Prime Minister and his government have done this very mistake. Energy is far to precious and too important commodity to take it for granted and not being able to listen, what other citizens have to say, considering renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly energy production technologies.

Why the country should not mostly or even entirely rely on its own energy sources, which should be spread all over the landscape to prevent such energy disruptions, shortages and other problems, considering smooth, uninterruptedly energy supply, even in the case of greater natural catastrophe, such as earthquake, flood, storm, (even a strike in the recent oil Union strike case),etc.

I believe, that is the first task of any Prime Minister and any government.
I sincerely hope, that the PM is going to learn a lesion about renewable energy, very soon, and to protect his country as he should have protected it, considering environmentally friendly energy sources and not rely on any foreign oil supply, which could be so easily disturbed or omitted.

...just a tip...
Millions of roofs all around Britain are waiting to be used for solar power harnessing in the form of heat collection or solar electricity generation. They won't replace the oil petrol in regular cars immediately, but they are going to start the entire process of switching to renewable energy sources. They are going to offset our personal carbon footprint, lower our personal energy bill, largely decentralize power production, help in creation of healthy, not polluted environment, and spread the knowledge and personal conscience of environmentally sustainable living.

Let's use our empty solar roofs to work for us and for the environment.

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Germany Knows the Value of Solar Power and Renewable E

Blackmail me once, I am going to think.
Blackmail me twice, I am going to remember.
Blackmail me three times, I am going to learn.
Blackmail me more, I am going to act.

Economic blackmailing with strategically important commodities (energy sources, products, information, access to information, etc.) is happening every day on the
world arena. Countries are constantly bullying other countries; nations are bullying other nations; companies are bullying other companies; individuals are bullying other individuals.
Super powers, such as USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Japan, etc. are the most active in these activities, and their state departments, foreign offices, ministries of foreign affairs are experts for most forms of governmental and lobby bullying and blackmailing on the world scale.
That is quite normal for any form of life and also of intellect, and we cannot change that fact. It is simply to deep, written in our genetic material. Survival of the strongest in other words.

Energy sources are, what I am interested in. Power sources. 'Renewable like solar power, wind power, tidal, geothermal, etc.', you ask? No. Not, at all for a moment. They are simply not important, yet in the meaning of representing the real Power source worldwide.
Oil. Oil Power, which still determines everything on this planet in this very moment, is going to grab my attention for next few seconds.

OPEC has been constantly blackmailing and bullying countries for many decades and it is still very alive, today. Russia, under new 'post communist management' has become even more powerful oil/gas bully. Its wast natural resources, its nuclear arsenal, its diplomatic/intelligence expert capabilities, its vast 'business' network, which covers all planet, have been very successfully extracting hundreds of $billions in selling their commodities.

Has USA learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has UK learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has Japan learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO, but slowly.
Has Australia learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has China learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has India learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has Canada learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? Yes.
Has France learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? YES/NO. (only nuclear option)
Has Germany learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? YES.

France has decided for nuclear option and new French President is slowly becoming the most renowned nuclear merchant for his nuclear industry. He had already managed to get a very big and quality client in his last state visit to Britain. Britain itself, which is going to be the best marketing - promotional reference of France's further nuclear sales, worldwide.

Germany is the country we all should analyze a bit more, because they know, where the world flows, financially, at least. 'Arbeit, Disziplin und Ordnung' are still the best recipe for good economic results.
Germany is a financial superpower. It paid enormously high amount for political and economic integration with former East Germany (DDR), because Germans knew, how much 20 million of new citizens meant to any well organized country. It paid off and is going to pay off every day, ever after.

Germany has decided to switch to renewable energy sources, no matter the cost. Enough Russian and OPEC bullying, enough old, dirty oil business tricks.
They know very well, how much is the cost of energy in every single product or service they create in any of their companies. They know exactly, what lies behind the war in Iraq - very personal interest of American President and his team of old boys to pocket as much as they could, because the world is switching to renewable energy sources and there is going to be less opportunity for oil style blackmailing in the near future.

German's car and transport industry is 100% ready to switch to renewable energy sources, as well. They have already spent hundreds of thousands (better to say millions) of hours in technical/scientific research to build new, environmentally friendly products. More than ten years ago I've got a chance to see some of the BMW new, clean technologies and I was simply shocked in admiration, because their models was working so smooth and well, and I was told that the time is simply not right, yet. Everything was so very pre-calculated and so very well planned. That was more than 10 years ago. Family Quandt, who controls the company hasn't been changed and their company is much stronger, than it was 10 years ago. And that is only one of many German companies.

Former Prime Minister Helmut Kohl was a top politician and he did a very great job to unite the Germany. He defeated Baroness Margaret Thatcher in her strong opposition to reunite the Germans in one country.
Prime Minister Angela Merkel is a quantum physicist - totally technical mind, still proficient in at least two foreign languages and also in socializing, and she is leading Germany to energy independence for the very first time in the German's modern history.
No matter the cost, Germany is going to be energy independent and they are going to sell their renewable technology all over the world. Germany is the Export Super Power and it is going to be even bigger exporter, because its government, led by a bit more technical mind, is at the same wave length as the environmental movement.

USA has far the best knowledge, technical, business, financial and all other resources to lead the race in renewable energy and simply to shine in solar power harvesting, no matter, if that is the heat collection or photovoltaics, wind farms, geothermal heat extraction, etc. It is just about the leadership. In modern era, the American President simply needs to possess enough technical knowledge to make crucial decisions for the present and the future of the great American nation, who elected him. He simply cannot and must not rely on his more or less 'corrupted' advisers, controlled by power lobbies. He is the leader.

Only 1% of the surface of Sahara desert could supply all energy needs for the world population. Such a project is possible only, if led by the American President. There are very many such projects possible, worldwide.

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The future is bright for wide use of Endless and Free Solar Power!


Solar Power Future is bright for the next American President

It doesn't really matter, who the next American President is going to be, if we are talking about the renewable energy.
He/she is going to be much, much smarter, considering use of country's economic resources and much wider use of free sources of renewable energy, as well.

Vast surface, of otherwise non populated sunny land in some states, is going to host state of the art solar power plants, where solar heat and light - radiation are going to be transformed into other useful forms of energy, such as electricity, hydrogen and many other forms of stored/packed chemical energy, which are coming to the market.

Government is not really supporting renewable energy sources, because of the influence of Oil lobby, which is so clearly seen by comparing all investments into renewable energy to the overall budget figure. Just a tinny fraction of national resources is spent for achieving Energy Independence of the Country, what is totally unacceptable politics, judging on the base of common sense and national security, and keeping an eye on national economy.

Luckily, private businesses are achieving more and more incredible results on the topic of increasing efficiency rate of solar photovoltaics and solar heat collection technologies. Beside increased efficiency rates, these new companies are also substantially lowering the price of solar power devices, which they are launching to the world market. (The price per 1Watt of produced power is getting lower and lower.)

Some of the most famous microelectronics experts from Sillicon Vally describe the new technologies of solar photovoltaics as the another silicon revolution, which is going to grow and grow and grow.
Microsofts and Googles of the future have been rising among these new companies. Their success almost entirely depends on their management, and only a few are really going to flourish.

The future is bright for all Solar Power Technologies, despite the power of Oil lobby.

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Is that 'Terrorist Behaviour' of Dominion Virginia Power about ignoring community's Solar Power Panels?

Such a behavior sucks! This Power production and distribution company from Virginia, USA, represents a direct threat to national security of USA!
Have security agencies recognized such a behavior as a Terrorist Threat to National Energy Security, yet?
Have security agencies done anything considering enforcement of American energy independence?
Have federal agencies confiscated property of the first responsible person (GM, CEO, etc.) and of the company, which possesses direct threat to national security in omitting use of Free Solar Power and to protect the property and investments of its own citizens, who are concern about country's energy dependence to oil at $116?
Energy is a vital part of any civilization. It is a vital part of modern American society.
Energy could also represents a great threat to National Security, if omitted in any way!

This video tells more than enough!
The price of oil is at its record level of $116 per barrel and that is a great threat to National Economy and to National Security. There is an absolute abundance of free and unlimited supply of Solar Power, which could transform any society into truly energy independent one, and also environmentally friendly, as well.
Yet, our security agencies obviously protect big Oil Corporations in 'robbing the nation', instead to protect the country and its citizens and to enforce Power Independence of its own nation, of its own very existence, at all costs.

Not all enemy subversive activities come in the form of a few terrorists, armed with explosive and guns. There are many more, even more powerful real threats to security in the form of financial conditions, which endanger the state of economic health of the society. Buying oil and other energy sources certainly belong to such threats.
National economy is not healthy at all in current market/financial situation, yet we are not protected against ridiculously high Oil and other energy prices, at all.

The mightiest army on this wonderful blue planet and all state of the art electronic technologies have been 'used/abused' just to push the oil prices to $116 and to fill endlessly greedy pockets of Oil corporations and theirs owners with $trillions!?!

This mighty army and its state of the art technology haven't been used to make a country truly energy independent and free of oil and other dirty energy sources!?!

What a shame? What a pity?
Truly time for a great National clearance and The American Dream part II


Oil Lobby controls Solar Power Market worldwide

Money makes the world goes round.
Power makes the world buys oil at the price of $116 per barrel.
Power makes the oil corporations control development of the solar power market.

It is so very funny and predictable. Shell and BP, two from the group of the biggest Oil corporations, who are financially more powerful than many smaller world countries together, are totally controlling what is happening in the photovoltaics market.
They have just added 'green color' to their names, they have written some new green marketing material, and they are 'promoting' use of renewable energy by selling products from this field.

What a spin? What a hypocrisy? The Biggest and the Cruelest Tigers from the oil field arena are playing with innocent sheep, with absolutely no intention to harm it???
Do you still believe in ferry tales in 2008? They control the renewable market for the purpose of controlling the speed and the direction of environmental changes in the world.
They know very well, that they cannot stop changes in the world energy market, however it is quite easy to almost totally control 'the world solar game', by financially control the business itself and through the business also control speed and direction of happenings in this field of technology.

Oil corporations have never ever earning so much money out of their businesses as in this very moment. The price of oil has been quadrupled in recent years. The price of $116 per barrel is 'the price to kill for,' for any serous company. Any businessman is going to do almost anything to stay in this business for as long as possible, even though, if he/she would have needed to invest money a bit to the left and a bit to the right in the world market, expressed form the position of the car driver, to preserve the sheer amount of oil profits.
This 'left' and 'right' markets also contain markets of renewable energy and companies, which are present, there.

I could really play both roles:
- defending activities of powerful oil corporations
- writing about dirty plans of powerful oil corporations of how to preserve their sheer power and vast range of the world's oil market
I could have been both, if I wanted to. I am an average Joe, an average citizen, who could even take money from oil business, to write nicely about its environmental concern and how very much they all support new green technologies of solar cells, panels, shingles, heat absorbers, wind farms, geothermal, tidal, etc., and be quite content about it.

But, not the American President, nor the British Prime Minister and other top politicians. They were elected and they were sworn to bring as good service to their citizens as possible.
They have crippled their countries economies, they have supported the price of oil up to the sky, they have additionally endangered national security by not making their countries totally energy independent by using endless and free renewable energy sources, they have pushed thousands of young lives into the bloody war, etc.
Far too much for a good taste Mr.President, far too much for a good taste Mr.Prime Minister, far too much for all that wasted $trillions£ of taxpayers money.

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Let's make Solar Power Devices Attractive and Fashionable

Current Solar power products, such as solar panels, solar power shingles, and all other devices from photovoltaic family lack attractiveness and especially, they lack of being more fashionable - being more 'IN', simply 'being COOL'.

We could spend hundreds of $millions for marketing renewable photovoltaic technologies to the general public, but the final result of such activities is not going to be very successful, because of information overload in recent years, which caused the natural defense reaction in our brain, to skip the most of media bombardment.

Solar power industry could learn from the very successful case of electric cars and approach of Toyota corporation in promoting their Eco friendly electric - hybrid cars. Instead of heavy direct media bombardment with their adverts they rather focused their efforts to world Top Celebrities. What is so very interesting about that bunch of people? Top celebrity is a person, whose media power as an individual is truly immense.

People are following these celebrities everywhere. Paparazzi are spying about them at all times all over the world. Media corporations have developed new Intelligence industry devoted to tracking their 'top clients - victims' to constantly bring fresh information about every move of this famous people. Big brother works very hard, considering world top celebrities. Even top politicians are not so interesting any more, because they simply lost the power to move the masses in desired direction.
American President could use an electric car on the golf course and it won't have any profound effect to the masses - nation.
But, if Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolly or even Oprah Winfrey or Tiger Woods use Toyota Eco friendly electric car, masses of this world is going to follow immediately.
Fantastic success of Toyota's electric car Prius Hybrid was due to a few Top celebrities, who were showing to media that they were driving it, and that it was a very cool car for them. It was even not so much about design, which is the most important in other cases of deciding, which car one wants to possess.

Give Madonna a solar wrist watch, solar backpack to charge her iPod, while away somewhere outdoor, cover her very many roofs around the planet with solar roof shingles and you are going to see the best possible media promotion about solar power technology, ever, just for a fraction of the regular marketing cost. Better not to mention, of what would have happened if she would have decided to write and to sing her next music hit about free solar power. Her media power and her effect to the world masses is gigantic! (and there are also The Rolling Stones...)

Photovoltaic products need to achieve mass production and mass sale, if wanted to penetrate our every day life.
- Attractive Price (mass production line)
- Simplicity of use (plug and play)
- Attractive design
- and the most important factor - being fashionable, being trendy, being IN.

The future is bright for renewable energy sources.

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Solar Roof helps your personal finances long term

We constantly seek for any new stream of additional income to help our personal finances. Every penny counts, really, when it comes to making money to cover our living expenses. Our modern life has its price expressed in dollars, pounds, euros, yens which is in constant rise, ever since the 'western civilization' has been established.

We can not even exist without electric energy, which powers our every day life on a 24 hour basis, without a stop. If there comes any case of loosing that power for just a few minutes, or even seconds, we are very, very disturbed, stressed, offended and we swear about our power provider, because our interaction with the outer world literally stops without electricity. My iPod needs to be charged as well as my mobile phone, and computer is dead, if not uninterruptedly power supplied.

Energy costs are constantly rising. Power bill, at the end of the month, is getting higher and higher.
I strongly oppose the explanation, that the cost of energy is rising, because of its scarcity. NO way!
The cost of energy is constantly rising only because of sheer incompetence of government officials in the positions of Power, however, looking from the position of financial perspective: by their planned activity of how to push energy prices as high as possible to fill their pockets. By the simple fact: 'Who cares about citizens, if the budget we spend is full.'
They simply LOVE the record prices:
- because they make record tax revenue by direct and indirect sell of oil, gas, coal, nuclear fuel, electricity
- personal gain by being shareholders or even owners or heirs of blue chip oil/energy/power corporations
- other oil lobby imaginative rewards

That really sucks!
Where are the citizens? What about their basic interests? Who is protecting them?
'Who cares about the citizens? NOBODY, really', is the only conclusion, if one judges the situation from the position of Energy Prices.

If one mighty army attacks another country and the energy prices quadrupled - rise 4x in a very short time, that was the real cause of the war/attack/occupation.
Read between lines and use the rule: 'Trace the money and names'.
(That old analytical method has been working perfectly well for many thousands of years and it is still irreplaceable in any serious investigation, today.)

Don't believe, what ever they say, because they don't tell the truth.
Don't tell me, that the mightiest armies on the planet can't influence the price of energy just by night.
Don't tell me, that just one straight word directed to world oil leaders can not achieve the instantaneous result, you wished and asked for, as the owner of nuclear missiles, and other weapons of mass destruction, supported by tens of thousands of highly skilled warriors. The problem is, if the national leaders belong to this powerful lobbies, such as oil lobby, which rules the world. We could say much more and tell exact names and their exact personal gains, here...but, that's the dirty politics, let's skip it.
Our topic is free and endless solar power, which doesn't belong to any political party or belief system.

Better not rely on our politicians. They really don't think about your personal interests and your personal budget. Everybody is going to be much better off, if apply solar photovoltaic or solar heat devices in its own house, as soon as possible.

Make yourself truly power independent. Make yourself truly much better off financially, as well.
Use the vast surface of your roof to work silently for you by producing green electricity and lower your monthly energy bill for good.
Do consider solar power shingles, solar panels, solar heat absorbers and maybe, also a heat pump, if you want to additionally boost your own energy generation.
Believe me, it is very worthwhile.

And to be totally power independent apply set of batteries for enough electricity storage.

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Why should I care about Free Solar Power?

It is free of charge.
It is endless (at least for some billion of years).
It doesn't pollute our environment.
It doesn't need expensive clearing up and expensive storage, such as nuclear or coal or oil.
You don't need to care about it, it is silent and it makes money for you.

These are just five points of advantages in using solar power for producing renewable electricity or heat in comparison to coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants. There are many, more.

It is really so simple.
We only need to comprehend, that we(our children) are going to endanger all live species of this planet, if we are not going to change our bad attitude towards our precious environment - our living space.

The most important activity we all should do is to 'press very hard' to our leading politicians, who are responsible for spending national budget and consequently our present and future.
They posses the power of resources (laws; standards; national bank; agencies; enforcement structures, such as army, police, intelligence agencies, expert knowledge, educational institutions, etc.)

Only the leading politicians with Name and Surname can make big changes on the field of renewable energy sources, almost overnight, if they wanted.

I believe, it is very worthwhile to change the opinion of our leading politicians about solar power, very soon. If not for us, let's do it for our children!

Photo by Gustty Thanks!


Broad Use of Solar Power Largely Increases National Security

Continuous Energy supply is of utmost importance to National Security of any country in the world.

Modern countries have national power grid with centralized power production units, such as coal, gas, oil, nuclear power plants, which supply the grid with electricity.
There are many 'strategically weak links' of centralized power production, such as:
- threat of enemy subversive activity in the power plants
- threat of enemy subversive activity to the large transforming power units
- threat of enemy subversive activity to the power grid lines
- threat of technical failure in the power plants (nuclear, coal, gas, oil)
- threat of technical failure in the large power transforming units
- threat of technical failure in the grid lines
- threat of highly radioactive material in nuclear power plants
- threat of solid chemical pollution caused by coal, oil, nuclear power plants
- threat of global warming and climate changes caused by greenhouse gases
- threat of hot water dumped from power plants to the rivers, lakes, sea
- threat of extremely high energy prices (OIL barrel hit $114 !!!)

Introduction of numerous solar power units placed on the vast surface of building's roofs or free-standing solar panels directly DECENTRALIZES the Power Production.
Need for the large power units is replaced by many smaller power units, which first purpose is to provide electricity to its owners or other closest power consumers.
The second purpose is to send the excessive electricity to national power grid.

By decentralization of only a few large power production facilities to very many lower capacity power units, we could achieve exponentially lower Combined Energy Threat to the National Security.
Some large facilities could still remain on-hold and fully maintained for the case of energy emergency, yet not producing power and pollution, until needed.
Optimal solution would have been their technical adjustment to the use of hydrogen. Hydrogen is also an almost optimal form of storing chemical energy, which is also quite well researched and applied.

Such power grid could be of vital importance to physical survival of the nation in any catastrophic event, which could come at any time, really. I am not talking only about technical failures and enemy subversive threats, but natural disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, storms, which are becoming more frequent, recently.

In other words:
By decentralization, we disperse the huge threat to national power grid, to many little power threats, which are not playing any really important role in the national scale.
We could also achieve almost total environmental sustainability on the national energy market and crucial cut in green gas emissions.

If only a fraction of 'war budget' should have been invested into solar power and other renewable energy sources, instead of bloody wars, which only have pushed the oil prices to the record level and caused very many casualties.

The hidden power of our sleeping roofs could power the nation.

Photo by Beige Alert Thanks!


Short Introduction Video about Solar Power Shingles - Tiles

A very short, yet comprehensive video about use of photovoltaics on your own roof for producing renewable electricity to power your home.
Even though, Britain gets only about 800 Watts of solar power per square meter (Manchester), that is enough to sufficiently power your electricity needs, if you intend to use the surface of your roof.
Watch the video and you are going to know more about solar powered tiles.

Video by solarcentury Thanks!


Solar Roof which works just very fine for Carol

I found this video about use of solar power roof very educational. It shows, how the solar panels - shingles work in real life in covering electricity needs of one family. Alden Hathaway, an energy expert and his wife Carol live in Londoun County near Hillsboro,Virginia, USA. They said: 'If one in every four houses in Virginia were solar powered, our power needs would be cut in half.'

Real examples, which show the practical use of solar photovoltaic or solar heating devices are most of the time so much more interesting for people to watch and to talk about, than pure scientific theory, even though there would have been no such useful renewable energy sources, without old fashioned science.
If one possesses enough basic mathematical-physics knowledge, spiced by inorganic and organic chemistry, scientific research could be so extremely interesting and life challenging to completely occupy the person and to determine her/his life path.

I wonder, what kind of thoughts travel through your mind, when you watch such a video?

Solar Power in the form of heat or light is endless and absolutely free of charge.


Who is behind the most Powerful Solar Cells?

One group of scientists and students at University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716-3130, USA, has set up a very clear goal in their minds, some time ago:
How to achieve 50pc of efficiency rate of solar power devices? How to make the solar cells to produce even more electricity at given light-radiation, which could be immediately applied in solar panels, solar roof shingles and many other modern gadgets.

The group is very well connected to the other research groups all over the world and is led by Allen Barnett, principal investigator, and Christiana Honsberg, co-principal investigator, both university professors.

We are talking about the highest technological science, here. Whoever wants to achieve any breakthrough and technological advancement in the field of photovoltaics, needs to properly address theoretical and practical solutions in this science field, as well.

The group, we are talking about, has been simply 'Brilliant' in addressing these both fundamental questions and they are heading towards the rate of 50pc !!!
Even, if you know very little about solar cells, panels, shingles and theory behind them, I can assure you, that this achievement means a kind of a 'Revolution'.

Much higher efficiency rates and considerable lower production prices of solar cells, roof panels, roofing shingles, etc. are going to additionally open vast worldwide energy market. There are so many advantages and positive effects of this amazing scientific breakthrough, that I am going to choose only one, now, and leave the other positive economic, environmental and political effects for later posts.

Number one: Decentralization of power - electricity production.

Effect of 'Decentralization of electricity production' is going to totally transform very important topics, such as
- our 'modern' oil based economy (extremely positive, power lobby breaker)
- energy planning
- national security
- individual safety and security
- use of renewable energy sources
- direct activities against global warming and climate changes
- use of much more knowledge, than our society is using now

The impact to the world society is going to be so profound, that I believe, not many politicians understand its value, at all. But, maybe, that's another good thing...):


Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Solar Power Efficiency Rate

Everyone can find some truly amazing theoretical and practical resources on Internet. Thousands and thousands of web pages about solar power and how to transform it into electricity or useful concentrated heat for further use.

I could say, I have spent hundreds, or better, thousands of hours reading, browsing web, writing, visiting exhibitions about practical use of solar energy at home or in the business, talking, chatting about advantages of free and endless environmentally friendly use of solar power, the theory and scientific experimental work behind the knowledge we have already managed to acquire, as society.

There are two individuals, who are really very special in 'my eyes', considering the topic of solar scientific research. They also represent the peak of the highest technology in this department, as well. Whenever I read about their passionate dedication to the topic of efficiency rate of solar power cells I feel so very excited. I especially respect them for their work with students. They are not hidden and locked somewhere deep in the scientific lab, not communicating with the rest of the world. On the contrary, they are proudly and openly sharing their knowledge and their expert opinion. These individuals are: Prof.Allen Barnett and Prof.Christiana Honsberg at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA.

I strongly advise you to read more about their work and also about technical/scientific view about Solar Power. They issued 'Beta of the 2nd Edition of the PVCDROM'
Photovoltaics CDROM
Christiana Honsberg and Stuart Bowden
It is truly an amazing learning material about the topic and it is absolutely free of charge.

Remember: Solar Power on Earth is truly endless and Free of Charge, as well.


Power Boost for Solar Power Shingles

Solar Power and renewable energy sources have finally become popular topics in scientific world and also in a highly risky, but very rewarding venture capital business world (VC). Venture Capital business already feels the direction, where the new chances for future business opportunities are, which could bring outstanding rewards for their high risk investments.

Many teams of scientists and technicians all over the world are researching new ways of extracting, concentrating, transporting, etc. the power out of renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources. Great achievements in the 'solar power department' are introduced almost every month.

Efficiency rate of solar cells as basic building unit of the most solar power applications/devices is constantly growing.
The cost of applications of solar cells into different forms, which could be used for harvesting solar power are constantly falling.

Final products on the solar power market and their installation is becoming more and more attractive, because of 2 main factors:
- lower price
- higher efficiency rate

We have already seen the great jump in efficiency rate of solar roof shingles, solar panels and other solar power devices from 10% to 20%. That means 100% more power! The same surface as before produces twice the amount of electricity!
That achievement means, that we could apply just a half of the surface as before, to achieve the same power/electricity output result, or that our power shingled or paneled roof produces twice as much power as usually, on the same surface.

In other words, the improvement of the efficiency rate of solar power devices by 100% from 10% to 20%, respectively, has managed to cut the final price of installation for the same power output by 50pc - half, just by default. But, there are many other advantages, too.

Photo by jigedine Thanks!


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Solar Roof Shingles-the wise use of Solar Power

We simply cannot deny the existence of Solar Power. There is no life without it.
Every single hour our planet receives enough solar energy to cover absolutely all energy needs of all people of the world. Every hour, day by day, week by week...
Solar power is truly endless in comparison with our energy consumption. Solar power is absolutely free of charge, as well.

Yet, we rather spend hundreds of $billions to buy oil, gas, coal, nuclear.
Yet, we rather literally destroy our planet and its environment by use of dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive material.
Yet, we still rather have real bloody wars for oil, than to become energy totally independent entities.

Can any intellectual individual really understand such a behavior?
Let's make our leading politicians think and to contemplate solar power, its unlimited supply and it's environmentally friendly nature.
Let's think about use of our empty roofs and how to place solar roof shingles or solar panels, there, which produce direct electricity. Let's use vast resources of empty roofs to work for us and to work for our endangered environment, as well.

Photo by agahran Thanks!

Solar Power means Freedom of Mind, while Nuclear is a Life-threat

It is happening on a regular basis, that security officers, who are guarding the most important parts of nuclear power plants are caught sleeping, while on duty.
Turkey Point nuclear power plant located on Biscayne Bay, about 30 miles of Miami is just another case of sleeping, while on nuclear duty, which leaked to the media.
Such cases of amazing incompetence clearly show, how wrong is the attitude of the staff, dealing with Highly Radioactive Material, which is deadly dangerous for any form of life, even after 100.000 years. The last case is not precedence, because sleeping while on duty was happening many times in mentioned nuclear power plant.

Solar Power is free of charge and it doesn't represent a direct threat to human race and to all other forms of life on the planet Earth, such as nuclear power.
Why, than, we are still preffering deadly dangerous highly radioactive material and nuclear power plants to serve our ever growing energy needs? Why not to switch to endless solar power, which could serve our energy hunger for good?
The answer is probably hiding in Secret Political Deals between Leading Politicians and Power Lobbies of Oil, Coal and Nuclear Industry, which don't give a dime for the humanity and our environment and the future of our children.

We only know for cases of sleeping while on nuclear duty, which had leaked to the media, but I believe there are many, many more, which haven't leaked, because of no appropriate control or successful evasion of reporting to the authorities.

Solar Power is everywhere and truly endless and free of charge. Solar roofs can work for us.

Photo of Pickering nuclear power plant by ilkerender Thanks!


Barack Obama offered a White House position to Al Gore

Situation on the Battlefield of Endless and Free Solar Power - Renewable Energy is finally changing rapidly!

LAFAYETTE, Indiana (Reuters):
Senator from Illinois Barack Obama, who runs for the American Presidency has offered a position in his government to Al Gore, if elected.

Barack Obama said, that he regularly speaks with Al Gore on environmental issues.

That is the first sign of the Gargantuan Changes in US Energy Policy. A real day/night situation in comparison with present President's Bush administration.

I also need to mention that the other Democratic candidate for US Presidency - Hillary Clinton is also a friend of Al Gore.

The future is bright for Endless and Free Solar Power.


New Video, New Facts, Critical Climate Changes, Al Gore, Solar Power

Al Gore created brand new presentation about devastating effects of Global Warming and Climate Changes, based on the recent scientific facts from all over the world.

He told the audience, that global warming and climate changes are coming to our life much faster, than it had been predicted. Only brand new, wide and global Generational Activities could make a difference. And of course, the American President.

My constant preaching:
Solar Power is endless and is absolutely free of charge.
The combined surface of all our roofs is Gigantic and we could make them to produce free, renewable electricity by use of solar roof shingles, solar panels, and other, new solar power devices, which are constantly coming to the market.
We simply have no other choice than to use Renewable Energy, if we wanted to survive as human race.

A Little Portugal is an Astonishing Solar Power User

The header says it. Portugal has embraced free and endless solar power, wind power, hydro power, wave and tidal power and is heading towards 50pc of electric power produced by renewable energy sources.

It almost knocked my socks off, when I heard, that a tinny and not so wealthy country as Portugal, already covers more than 40pc of their electricity production with renewable energy sources! Well, that was in 2007 and this percentage is constantly rising.

Just try to compare this percentage with rich USA, Britain and other G8 countries and one could easily ask a question, 'What is truly happening in government departments in those rich and developed countries?'
Officially, they are spending $billions, like fresh chocolate donuts with cream, for numerous 'technical expert analysis'. Is it all just a total spin 'a la Tony Blair and Gordon Brown' style, where you spend $£billions in PR, marketing and for consultants fees, which final results are news of how the government is doing so very well. Are they really so very sleazy? Do they have their own children? Do they care for their children's future, at all?

They have also pronounced Highly Radioactive Material as safe and they have given a green light for the new series of Nuclear Power Plants in Britain, even though the old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants hasn't been cleared, yet for the price of $150 billion (£75 billion)???

Does Gordon Brown know, what would have been a share of renewable energy sources, if he would have spent $150 billion for Free Solar power, Free Wind power, Free Tidal power, Free Wave power, Free Sea Currents, Free Geothermal, Free Energy Saving Tips, Free Laws about Chemical, Noise, Plastic Pollution?
Does Gordon Brown know, how much safer would have been Great Britain with renewable energy sources introduced on time, while he was the Big Boss of Public Purse?
It is his duty to know, but he obviously ignores all that.

$150 billion (£75 billion) just for Old Nuclear waste/rubbish? Well done PM!

And all those Tax Payers $trillions spent in the total destruction of Iraq for old Oil interests to bring Oil Prices even higher?
Instead of being invested in Clean, Free and Endless Renewable Energy sources in USA, to make the country totally free of dirty old tricks of Oil Cartels and Big Money Interest Groups, which are playing with record energy prices.

Where is the American Democratic Intellect, which had inspired the great fall of Communism? Does it not work so well at its own homeland?

Story from:
Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate, a professor of economics at Columbia University said:
'In adding up the quantifiable costs of the war, it is hard not to come up with a number in excess of $3 trillion. In putting a $3 trillion price tag on the war, we believe we have been excessively conservative - a $4 or $5 trillion tag would be more reasonable. And remember - this is just the cost for America.'

National Security, National Security, National Security, ...and on, and on
just bla, bla, bla, words, empty words, words to cover up

If anyone wants to make a country really safe energy wise, invest in Free and Endless Renewable, such as Solar power, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Wave, Sea Currents, Energy Efficiency, Pollution prevention and control, etc.
And you could forget about dirty oil, dirty gas, dirty coal, deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material, for ever!

But, what, if The Boss is the Big owner of the Oil Interests? Well, we need to wait for the new one, who is going to have more clean conscience.......

The future is Bright for Free and Endless Solar Power!

Photo by renrut Thanks!


Nanosolar Video - Solar Power for 66pc cheaper

This video introduces one of the most active solar power companies in the world: Nanosolar from San Jose, California.
The main goal of the company is to introduce cost-efficient solar power to the world. It took almost five years of very hard work, but the results are truly amazing. As in the case of so many new high technologies, this success have been accelerated by 'military intervention' from DARPA and its endless budget for military purpose, which is going 'to dress in civil clothes' for wider public use in this case, as well.

I am pretty sure, the company is going to become a big global corporation, very soon and that the big scale of their production line is going to lower the prices of their products, even more. When we speak about massive production and lowering the prices of products, we should never forget to mention increases of efficiency rate of solar power devices by scientific research, which are additionally lowering the cost per 1W of produced solar electricity. That number, the cost per 1Watt of power is one of the most important factors in making decision for solar (renewable) or fossil (massive carbon emissions) energy sources (beside Power Lobbying in the places of Power, of course, such as Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing).

When 'critical mass' of citizens is going to realize the fact, that solar power is FREE, endless and environmentally friendly, nobody could stop the process of massive turn to the solar power.
Roof shingles, solar panels, solar curtains/carpets, paint which could harvest solar power, solar foil and many more innovative products are going to be seen everywhere.

Thanks to Blake Carper's Blog!


Solar Power could Save Your Life

Try to imagine a great Power Blackout and your house without power. It could happen almost anytime, even though, it looks quite impossible due to very good reliability track record of the national grid.
Technical faults, planning mistakes, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, great storms, fires, even a terrorist threats and believe me, there are more.

Could you imagine no lights in the dark night or no lights in your cellar, attic, or rooms, no TV, no music, no kettle to brew fresh coffee?
Could you imagine your cooking habits, washing your clothes or dishes without a power?
Could you imagine no fridge, no freezer and no air conditioning?
While one could survive without air condition device it is not so easy to live without a fridge and a freezer, because of a very high sensibility of our food and its short shelf life on room temperature.

In big cities, a bit longer lasting blackout could cause very many casualties. One of the most threatening is spreading dangerous, infectious diseases. And there are so many more negative side effects, if there is no constant power.

Solar Power allows us to become truly independent, considering electricity.
There is one condition: our solar power system needs to incorporate batteries for storing electricity. Even though, we are connected to national/local power grid, batteries are the only way, which guarantees true individual power independence of your home and consequently Power Freedom of your family.

Electricity/Power self sufficiency is an important fact, which deserves all our attention. We need to carefully plan it in advance, because Power Self Sufficiency could really save your life and also rescue many other people around you in the case of an emergency. We all know very well, how very stressful is the situation of any real emergency, when there is a question of life and death. No electric power in such occasion could worsen the whole situation, even more.
I've already experienced a real war situation, once, a few bad land slides with flooding and torrential rain, a few bad earthquakes, and I'd felt so very lost, many times in helping people. Add to all these threats the basic lack of electric power and the whole situation is much, much worse.

There are also some other issues connected to the case of any real emergency, such as water supply, food supply, medicines, communication devices, but here we are only talking about use of solar power in making our family totally power independent.

Make your roof to work for you, in a way, to truly make you 'electricity self sufficient'. Use solar roof shingles, solar panels or other photovoltaic surfaces, which could harness solar light and produce enough power for your needs.

The feeling of being power independent is truly a great one! Use your roof surface. It pays off and it could save Your Life, as well.

Photo by Kelly P. Thanks!
Photo by jhritz Thanks!


Is the Solar Power Expensive?

(be as cautious about your wallet as possible...and ask many questions, before...)

Solar power is not expensive, especially from the long term standing point.
Very short, but very straight answer.

If you incorporate the efficient, renewable solar system to your house its cost represents about 4% of the overall budget/cost of your house.
However, this little investment of 4% gives you an immediate price premium to the value of your 'solar and energy renewable property' of about 10%.
Speaking 'number wise', your gain is about 6% at the very start of the solar project.

And you are getting an additional gain in lowering your monthly energy bill for days, weeks, years and decades to come.

(There are also rebates and tax credits; constantly growing energy prices; restrictions of pollution levels; energy independence and personal security factor; etc.)

Photo by Piez Thanks!


I found this video about Solar Shingles on YouTube, today

Latest prototype of solar shingle, which is still in a prototype phase.
The guy, who invented it, tries to persuade a big solar company 'Uni-Solar' to manufacture the film in this size.

Maybe, this could be a nice boost of solar power photovoltaic applications.

I am going to write more, when I'll get more material about it.

I've never seen so fast Solar Shingle Roofing, though...and it looks very promising.

The Roof as the Underutilized Asset of Any House Owner

Let's go back to the very technical point of photovoltaics.
I like Solar Shingles for their simplicity and functionality. I like, how shingles blend the solar modules into the roof and the roof is not a major distraction, as it could appear in the case of a larger solar panels.
There is nothing really new about them. They just combine old roof shingles and a functionality of producing green, renewable solar electricity. Photovoltaic material on their surface gives them ability to directly harness solar power and transform it to electricity. If that could happen on my roof, which otherwise doesn't really support my wallet and my monthly expenses, so much better and I am certainly pay all attention to such a case.

Many countries also offer (Solar Power) Rebates and (Solar) Tax Credits, which could drastically reduce the cost of any home Solar Power System. It is up to everyone to be informed up to date about this government and other institutional incentives.

Solar shingles add the Value and Functionality to your home.
Home with integrated solar power system could reach higher price on the market - Property Price Premium, which means that the property with solar system installed is much more competitive on the resale housing market.


Money Makes the World Goes Round (Solar Power doesn't smell nice, yet)

$150 billion or £75 billion....that's just the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants in Britain, which hasn't been paid, yet?

How does the Prime Minister feel, when he spends $150 billion for 'old rubbish', and not a penny of that very sum for the Green and Healthy future of his own children and the children of his fellow citizens?
Does he sleep tight?
Does he feel the Real Value of £75 billion, spent just for Covering Up old Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste?

Is the Vast Spending for Nuclear option, which sum is growing higher every single Day, the final message of Labour Party?

I wonder, how one could make the Renewable and more Friendly energy sources, such as Solar Power, Wind power, Tidal power, the power of Sea Currents, Geothermal power, etc., much more 'Money Attractive'? Who could be the expert to turn the Solar Power into 'Big nad Bright Money Making Machine', to be more attractive for the World Top Leaders, who are deciding Our Future and the future of Our Children?

Photo by yomanimus Thanks!
Photo by Maestro_AU Thanks!
Photo by …†∆†¡∆µ∆ ® Thanks!


Dirty Oily Destiny or Clean Solar Power

Let the photos speak for itself. Pollution and death. And the price of oil, gas, coal and nuclear is rather high. Better not to mention the cost of clearing up the whole pollution, which is never calculated and mentioned in advance.

Solar Power is everywhere around us.

Why to deny the existance and the value of Clean, Endless and Free Solar Power. Why not to use our roofs and other usless landscapes of this planet for harvesting Solar Power, which is truly endless. And there is NO ENERGY BILLs to pay to our Sun, as we are paying to Oil Corporations.

Solar Power is Endless and Free.

An Internet expert and enterpreneur Francois Harris left a comment with a link suggestion about the movie: 'The Corporation (1)', which made me to post it here, once again. It was very worthwhile to watch the video. Actually, there are 2 videos -The Corporation (2). Pretty long, but very educational. Films were a truly 'eye opener' for the our very situation, as civilization, considering environment and relationships between people and nations. It is really amazing, how top politicians and supreme court judges have been betraying their own people. Human grid is truly endless.

What is the price we are all going to pay, because of such an Appalling Incompetence and Inexplicable Grid?

Renewable Solar Energy is available, now.

Photo by marinephotobank Thanks!
Photo by *L*u*z*a* Thanks!


Who Can Make An Offer You Cannot Refuse about Solar Power?

Human has endangered such a beautiful species by not using Renewable Energy sources.
Our grandfathers, fathers and finally we, are polluting this wonderful blue planet at such a rate, that thousands of animal and plant species have been extincting for many years.

Sharks are living on Earth in a very similar shape for more than 450 million years. Try to comprehend this number of 450 million years, when you are going to pollute your living space by plastic waste, chemical substances, noise, green gases and highly radioactive material. Try to think a bit about Endless Solar Power and other Renewable Energy sources. Just to think about it is a good start to change of our behavior a bit later on.

We as humans possess the intellect - the mind, which is high enough to discover the secrets of life and space, yet this very intellect is not in proper use, while deciding basic rules and activities in any society/group/country, people have been living in.

Why dirty oil, gas, coal, nuclear are still playing the main role in energy supply and chemical destruction of our habitat - living space?
Why we still haven't replaced them by renewable, clean energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, use of sea currents, use of tidal power, geothermal, hydrogen, etc.?

Probably, because the leading politicians are not FREE in their important decisions and proposals, which they are making, but influenced or even blackmailed by ultra powerful Oil, Coal and Nuclear lobbies, which obviously control political parties and parliaments.

Do you remember Corleone's words in film Godfather (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino), something like:'I'll make you an offer you cannot refuse.'

Photos by mhedstrom and Wikipedia Thanks!

No Solar Power, no life on Earth

There were NO LIFE on Earth, without constant Solar Power.
No freely flowing water, no constantly moving oceans.
Destiny of planets of our solar system would have been much darker and even colder, without constant Solar Radiation from the center.

Maybe, the constant presence and overall dependence to solar power makes us BLIND to see, how much we have missed the right curse for human development on Earth, considering our current environmental catastrophe of global warming, climate changes, and extinction of thousands of life species, we have been created.
Just a bit more intellectual thinking is needed and we could immediately solve all our energy concerns and needs by wide use of Endless and Renewable Solar Power in very many forms: solar radiation, wind, sea currents, tidal power, etc.

Photo by zoutedrop Thanks!


Solar Shingles belong to every building

I could see Solar Shingles as a substantial part of any building, which has a roof.
I believe, that we simply need to achieve, that designers and architects would have seen Solar Roof Shingles as a very natural part of every modern or refurbished building. It is about functionality, too. How to make our roof to do some additional task of producing renewable energy, for example.

There are other important elements, considering energy generation, energy consumption and energy saving, such as insulation of the house and windows, heating/cooling system, lights, modern appliances, water/heat regeneration, waste management, which are substantial part of any modern Eco sustainable design/building, but here, I am particularly interested in promoting Harvesting of Solar Power by solar cells (PV).

I think, that direct power generation in PV (photovoltaic: solar cells/panels/solar shingles) is very comfortable source of energy, especially because it doesn't have any moving parts and as such, much less subject to any technical problems and obstacles. Electricity is also the most useful source of energy for most appliances in any building, too.

Efficiency rate of modern solar cells in panels and shingles is from 10% to up to 25%. This efficiency rates are achievable only in optimal conditions (current solar power, angle, etc).

Efficiency rate of regular solar cells could grow up to 50%, which means 500% (from 10% to 50%) in a very short time. A few years is considered as a very short time in any technical scientific research.
There are many successful scientific research teams, considering solar power topic out there, but today, I would like to emphasize one, who is truly achieving amazing results in increasing efficiency rate of solar cells.
Prof.Allen Barnett and Prof.Christiana Honsberg deserve our all attention and admiration.
Their work is going to boost Solar Power Harvesting to the totally new level.
It is not just about boosting efficiency rate, but also about lowering the overall costs of final Solar Power Products on the market.

Government does not invest much in renewable energy sources, considering its importance for our future, especially now, when the serious problems about global warming and climate changes are already present, everywhere.

$150 billion is the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste-rubbish from old nuclear power plants in UK! That means $150 billion is going to be buried deep underneath...!
Before repaying this bill, the government is planning many new nuclear power plants.
What an incompetence??? or rather a criminal activity, considering taxpayers money and highly radioactive nuclear waste, which is deadly dangerous for at least next 100.000 years???

Has the Government ever considered to invest $150 billion in Renewable Energy Sources and in Scientific Research, which had already proved its successful track record?

It cost $13 million for the team from Delaware to achieve the World Record in efficiency rate of solar cells, close to the 43%!!!
Could you imagine, what could be done with $150 billion = $150.000 million?

Photo by dbking Thanks!

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