Dirty Nuclear cost more than $150 billion just for the old waste

Clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear plants in Britain is going to cost more than $150 billion (£75 billion) !!!

That is an insane huge number. All that huge money is going to be wasted just to cover up old nuclear rubbish and to hide it to new location, where is going to stay deadly harmful and highly radioactive for next thousands of years!!!

$150 billion is $150.000 millions. And absolutely no real intention about totally sustainable and harmless solar power.

One could imagine $1 million.
One could hardly imagine $1000 million(s).
But, it is almost impossible to imagine 150.000 million(s).

$150.000 million is going to be just thrown away for cleaning up old nuclear power plants in Britain (UK). Solar power is endless and absolutely free of charge. There are millions of roofs out there which are waiting to be covered by solar power shingles.

Still, Britain's PM and government are planning new deadly nuclear power plants??? Before, old dirty and deadly dangerous sins have been even solved???

$150.000 million(s) = £75.000 million(s)

And, they speak there is not enough money for new equipment for the Army. There is not enough money for children and their meals at schools. There is not enough money for the health system and to provide dental care for all people. There is not enough money for the science. There is never enough money for the introduction of green solar power generation. Wind. Geothermal. And there is old plastic waste all around us.

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