Silence is Golden - The Beauty of Roof Shingles

Silent Roof Shingles work for you for many, many years.

If you ask me, as an average Joe, what is the Beauty of solar shingles?

Solar shingles:
1. don't talk or produce any strange and loud voices, such as almost any power engine
2. don't disturb by vibrating or shaking the roof
3. don't produce green gas emissions, while they are producing electricity
4. don't produce smelly and dangerous exhaust, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, trains, planes
5. don't look ugly, that you could possibly be ashamed as their owner
6. they give you more 'intellectual and green look' in your closer society
7. they encourage you to completely forget about them

And, they are producing fresh bucks/cash in your wallet, by making your own electricity.

You know, that power prices are just going to rise, if we attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. or not.
There are far too many people out there, who need fresh, new energy for their needs. Not millions of people, but billions of them in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and many more places, too. Everyone wants its own energy pile.

Yet, there is nothing more beautiful as the silent work of Solar Power Shingles on my roof, working for me.

Shingles make me far more personally confident. They make me really green in offsetting my carbon footprint. Through them, I really contribute to addressing problems of global warming by my own sustainable energy production.
Not hypocritically green, as they are most leading politicians out there, who are influencing in spending $billions of budget money for dirty oil, dirty gas, dirty nuclear and dirty coal, but their mouth are full of 'green words and promises'.

Even though, solar power is just a part of Eco sustainable movement it is very important one. Let's don't forget about chemical pollution, plastic waste, real CO2 harvesting, clean water logistics, drought, poverty, hunger...

'SILENCE IS GOLDEN.' And this quote applies for solar shingles.

My Roof is earning for me.

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