Solar Power is Absolutely Free and Endless

Solar power - the power of our sun is absolutely free of charge.

What is wrong with us humans, that we are so desperate to spend $billions every day for energy.
But, it is not enough to waste our hardly earned money on energy. We are also destroying our beautiful Blue planet by green gas emissions, plastic and oil waste, nuclear waste, coal ashes, heavy metals, and many more different pollutants.

Solar energy is FREE and it is truly unlimited.

Our lovely Sun produces an estimated 4 trillion Watts of electricity every single hour, which is more than enough power to meet our energy needs for the next few thousand years.

We need only a little fraction of that energy pile, radiated by Sun to our Green planet.
Endless surfaces of roofs are waiting to be dressed in solar roof power shingles and to produce green sustainable energy, which is not going to pollute our sensitive environment.

Please, bare in mind the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste from Britain's old nuclear power plants in excess of $150 billion. Such a sum of money could be used for thousands of different, much more positive causes, than just covering up highly radioactive material.

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