Solar Power vs Highly Radioactive Material: 0:1

Free and Endless Solar Power in Britain has lost against Highly Radioactive Material, which has been financially supported by government on behalf of the tax payers = citizens = electoral base.

I believe, that every member of the Government should have spent at least one month of their professional life in very close proximity to Highly Radioactive Material. I don't mean to be exposed to that 'horrible human threat', but to work very close to it to learn how extremely dangerous that matter is.

Highly Radioactive Material is certainly one of the most dangerous and serious threats to humanity. The extreme power of high energy radiation could be seen all over the world. Even Marie Curie, one of the most famous nuclear scientists, who discovered so much new about the phenomenon of radioactivity had died of cancer, caused by exposure to radioactive elements.
Later, we could see tens of thousands of victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, numerous nuclear tests and clandestine military planed experiments on real people, research laboratories, failed nuclear power plants, such as Chernobyl, etc.

American President George W. Bush has started the 'War Against Terrorism'. Britain and other world countries have joined that war against terrorism. The person, who is leading the opposite site of that front is a billionaire Osama Bin Laden, who was previously highly trained by top secret services in their secret businesses in Afghanistan against Russian invasion. The most atrocious attack on western democratic countries was destruction of Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New Your, on September 11. Thousands of innocent people had died.

It is really so very easy for a skilled technician to create a Dirty Bomb, made of highly radioactive waste, extensively produced in nuclear power plants, nuclear scientific research institutions, even from parts of old nuclear devices.
Every one, who studied physics knows that.
Such Dirty Bomb is far the cheapest 'Strategic Weapon', and also, a Strategic Weapon which is far the easiest to create.

More nuclear power plants there are on this planet, higher is the risk of abuse of highly radioactive nuclear material from this plants by any terrorist interest group.
I believe, the first task of any Government is to protect their own citizens - their electoral base.
But, how the government could possibly protect people against the terrorist threat with highly radioactive nuclear material, if there are more and more nuclear power plants out there?

The very same Government is introducing new nuclear power plants and widely supports them financially.

The cost off clearing up old highly radioactive waste from old nuclear power plants is going to cost Britain more than $150 billion!!!
That is the cost of old nuclear rubbish from old nuclear power plants. And they want to build even more nuclear power plants, before the bill of old is even cleared up???

That is the reason, why every member of any government should have spent at least one month very close to highly radioactive material to learn about this 'Unleashed Devil', we are dealing with.
Such an experience would have opened their eyes about the sheer deadly reality of Highly Radioactive Material, for good.

And finally, that would have opened the door for absolutely free and endless Solar Power.
Why not to use our empty roofs for placing solar power shingles? Why not to use any other sustainable energy source, except nuclear and fossil fuels? Why to produce more and more CO2? Why not to address more profoundly the reality of the world climate changes, caused by global warming?

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