Labour's 12% mistake or just a spin? Cost: $10 billion

Labour's 12% miss about greenhouse gas emissions: a mistake or just a spin?

Greenhouse gas emissions in United Kingdom are 12% higher than claimed by Labour. Mistake was discovered by the investigation of National Audit Office. That is a huge hit and could undermine Gordon Brown's claims of creating low-carbon economy.

Governments figures excluded UK businesses operating abroad, shipping, aviation and emissions made by British tourists holidaying abroad. Government has claimed that in 2005 emissions were 656m tons of CO2, but the real figure is closer to 733m tons.
They also claimed that emissions have fallen 6.4% since 1990, but obviously that was false, too.

Conservatives have already accused the government of 'Enron style accounting', which could cost taxpayers in UK another £5 billion ($10 billion) from 2010-2020, for buying 'carbon credits' from abroad, caused by government failures in meeting 'greenhouse emissions reduction targets'.

£5 billion - $10 billion. Could you imagine that amazing sum of cash?

Could you imagine such a sum of cash invested in new Solar Power Technologies, Wind harvesting, Geothermal exploitation?
Could you imagine a roof surface covered by simple solar power shingles in amount of $10 billion? It could have been HUGE!

I am just an average Joe. But, I like to play a bit in my mind. It costs nothing, really. What should I think about, as a 'next door type of a guy', if I would have been in a position of PM? (first, I would delete influence of powerful lobbies on my mind, even though, it is quite hard to do that, but still possible...it's all about our future and the future of our children...and my son or daughter are worth much more than any old nuclear or oil lobby)

We have already entered economic recession, as confirmed by finance guru Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. That means, that the financial situation is going to get much tougher, than we were used to.
$10 billion is a big sum of money, if not invested properly. Of course, it is just a fraction of $150 billion (£75 billion), which is estimated cost of clearing up old Nuclear 'highly radioactive rubbish/waste' from British Nuclear Power Stations.

After low success of previous Gordon Brown's pledges about African Poverty, Prime Minister should do a strategically shocking, but boldly intellectual and logical gesture/action/manoeuvre.
Global Warming and Climate Change are truly perfect opportunity for an action, widely supported by citizens (his electoral base). Last figures about Labour popularity are catastrophic and it is time for a change or ...

Maybe, He should propose and personally lead that movement.
A plan of substantial investment in domestic sustainable energy resources, until all desired and planned goals of the campaign would have been achieved.

- a kind of a 'Marshall plan': financial boost for national and consequently international economy, as a bright contradiction to recent, anemic and foggy budget proposal
- big boost for national and international scientific/academic and other research institutions in seeking higher efficiency rate of new 'Eco green technologies' and their implementation
- radical cut of greenhouse gas emissions, for good
- you pay only once to harvest free, green energy for years to come (not like oil, gas, coal, wood, nuclear, which you need to pay every time you run out of them - when the car petrol tank is empty)
- new program could be a real revival for quite 'tired' Labour political party
- perfect PR, supported by all national/international media, Eco groups and individuals, and brand new image as a leader in critical time of a Global Climate Change
- amazing, new political power as the PM
- an optimal 'distraction opportunity' to resolve the inherited problems of Iraq and Afghanistan

and everybody would say:'I knew he was more than he showed off. I knew, he has been preparing something more dramatically, more substantially, maybe, even a kind of a glorious for his term...'

Never forget about your children and all other children of this wonderful planet.
Never forget about $150 billion, which is going to be wasted for covering up the nuclear rubbish and bad planning

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