Is that another Free Solar Power disaster in UK?

1.Plain lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction to start the war for OIL interests in Iraq
2.Lost CDs and millions of citizens confidential identities
3.Lost military Laptops and secret personal details about army officers and soldiers
4.Cash for Honor affair
5.Lost $billions and bankrupted Tube maintenance private/public company
6.London is the center of the world and its underground is just a 'cattle transport', even though it has more than 1 billion passengers per year, who pay the highest fares
7.Northern Rock (Bank) fiasco ($120 billion)
8.Wembley Stadium and its shameful opening delay
9.Heathrow Terminal 5 - T5 and total collapse of BA(British Airways) and BAA services
10.$Millions spent for MP(members of parliament) new private furniture and fake expenses
11. $150 billion just for clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants
12.New nuclear Power Plants has got green light to be built...before the old waste have even been cleared?

What is happening in modern Britain? What is wrong with its leadership and wasted public $billions? Where is a strict new plan to address global warming, climate change, renewable energy sources, chemical and plastic pollution? What about free solar power, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, sea currents, etc.?

Is it time for HRH the Queen to act? and to put things in order, again? To regain reputation, trust and respect for every public penny?

So many $billions of taxpayers money are wasted for n.....g ?
Citizens are publicly humiliated and ashamed in front of the whole world for shameful services?

I hope, Endless and Free solar power is going to get its place in modern society, soon

Photo by Jason Cartwright Thanks!
Photo by Jon's pics Thanks!

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