Germany is Solar Power Leader

Yes, Germany is the leader in harnessing solar power for producing 'green electricity' or concentrating heat. Quite surprising, isn't it? One should have expected any other technologically highly developed country on top position, which is located closer to equator, such as USA, Israel, Japan, Australia, rather than Germany.
Even though, the surface of Germany gets only about half of the solar power exposure per square meter in comparison with more equatorial countries, its government and people have decided to considerably support renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind farms, geothermal. Their research institutions and industry are more and more successful in new green technologies and they are particularly successful in increasing the rate of efficiency of solar panels, solar shingles and solar heat collectors.
The efficiency rate/factor plays a crucial role in determining the future of green-sustainable energy. Higher is this rate, lower is the price of the implementation of new technologies.
Lower is the price of this implementation, lower is the resistance of politicians, business leaders and finally us – average citizens to adoption of new sustainable technologies.

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