Solar shingles 'ala' London style

When we speak about solar shingles we mostly think about roof shingles. But, there are really very many sorts of different variants of solar cells for broad use in every day life.

I just stumbled on one very practical use of solar power in London Borough of Brent

To be honest, we all awfully hate paying ludicrously high parking fees and paying parking fines, when we are caught by spooky parking wardens. That is especially huge industry, developed almost overnight in UK, and I believe everywhere else, too. Products of a such 'parking industry' are extremely annoyed and ripped-off citizens and profit rich parking collecting companies, on the other side of this silly equation, designed by low minded politicians and city mayors, who want only fast cash, no matter consequences for their citizens.

What is interesting by the meaning of energy conservation - energy sustainable development is, that there are already parking machines, which are run on solar power. They contain batteries to store electricity for later use.

Here, you can see 2 samples from London streets. They are a bit different. I need to add, that these are really very rare samples, because most parking machines are still old fashioned, without solar power roof. Still, we could say, that we are going in 'solar direction'.

I am not going to comment, how London Borough of Brent cares about cleanliness of their 'solar roofs', because there are quite dirty, and as such, not optimal for 'solar power hunting'.

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