Solar Photovoltaic Installations in Britain are Very 'Low'

British Labour government of PM Gordon Brown doesn't encourages renewable energy enthusiastically, at all. That is a fact.
An average household's solar power photovoltaic installation costs between $24.000 and $30.000.
There are only about 100.000 households in Britain, which have their own micro power generation equipment.
Many bureaucratic and financial obstacles are not encouraging individual families to purchase micro power generation installations.
Every day it is getting more obvious, that it is going to take a brand new government with much more responsible, environmentally more intelligent and wise politicians to finally accept renewable energy sources as a reality and the only way to true energy independence.

Solar power, wind farms and geothermal power plants could supply absolutely all Britain's power needs.

Solar powered roofs could be our every day reality.


What a beautiful blue color of this Solar Panel!

Solar Powered
Solar Powered,
originally uploaded by Jimmy_Joe.
There is no rule, that solar cells need to be black to absorb as much solar radiation as possible. Here, we could see a beautiful blue color from a distance. Closer look would give a slightly different reality in the form of a color palette from light blue to black.

The future of solar panels is bright (blue).


Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, Ozone Layer, Solar Power

In last months, I've been noticing more and more articles, how the increased solar activity is the cause of global warming and climate changes. By their words, we should blame the solar power. What an utter nonsense! Luckily, it had been defeated by many very extensive scientific studies, including NASA. Climate changes and global warming in this very moment are entirely caused by human activity on earth.

In this very short video Vermont state climatologist Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux explains one of the major planetary components of climate change: greenhouse gases. The ozone layer protects us from UV radiation, but with increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the 'greenhouse effect' is largely increased, warming and deflecting more solar radiation back to the earth.
Her experiment shows, how even on a very dark or snowing day the earth is still receiving UV radiation.

We simply have no other choice, than to switch to free solar power and other renewable energy sources, if we want to defeat our own extreme pollution on all levels of society, worldwide.

Solar photovoltaic roofs (solar shingles-tiles, solar panels) are one of the solutions of how to truly become power independent and totally environmentally sustainable.

Source: VermontPublicTV Thanks!


Solar Panels are constantly getting more popular

Arrays from the right
Arrays from the right,
originally uploaded by Mike Weston.
More and more Solar Panels are being installed worldwide, every year.
The good news is that the efficiency rates of solar photovoltaic devices are constantly increasing and that the prices are constantly on their way down. What a good news if we compare it with the constantly growing oil prices.
About 80% of all solar panels this year are going to be installed in Germany.

We also should never forget about the vast surface of our empty roofs, which are just waiting to be populated by Solar Shingles - Tiles or Solar Panels.

The future of Renewable Energy is bright.

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New Tens of $Billions for Nuclear Decomposition, when finally $Billions for Renewable Solar Power?

I thought it is a joke, when I heard it on TV, today.

'It is going to cost new tens of $billions on the top of $150 billion for clearing up old nuclear waste in Britain.'
Actually, nobody really knows how much?
Nobody really knows how many tens of $billions more!
What a Labour party's and PM Gordon Brown's incompetence!?!
One top nuclear expert said today on TV: 'nobody really knows, how to decommission these fantastically well built structures, which had been built to last for ever. The level of radiation is so high and dangerous, that nobody could stay there for more than a few seconds, despite the protection!'
I am speechless.

They are spending peanuts for wider use of endless and free solar power and other renewable energy sources. Yet, they are bankrupting the country only by clearing up old nuclear rubbish!
Still, the same government and the same Prime Minister have already given the green light for building even new nuclear power plants!

Are they all going crazy in Labour's high leadership? Have they forgotten basic mathematical calculations?
This planning incompetence of PM Gordon Brown and its government is going to cost Britain enormously.
Labour party is financially ruining the country, instead of building decentralized power grid and nationwide use of photovoltaic solar roofs and panels, wind power, and geothermal.

The future of Solar Power Roofs is bright, yet not under the old Labour's government in Britain.

Endless and Free Solar Power


Solar Power could save Antarctica and its beauties

Processes of Climate changes could be addressed properly, if only we decide to switch from fossil fuels, which generates green house gases, to renewable energy sources.
Endless solar power, wind, geothermal and hydrogen economy in the second phase of this urgent project are so very viable and easy to perform with our current technological knowledge.

It is going to cost much less than $1 billion to achieve 50% efficiency rate of solar cells, yet the government is struggling to find the financial resources to finance the project and covers all researches under the secret military program.

Only the war in Iraq is going to cost much more than $3000 billion!
And thousands of casualties.
And the record oil prices.
And catastrophic financial credit crisis.

When our leaders are going to accept FREE, ENDLESS and CLEAN solar power, wind, geothermal and hydrogen economy?
When our leaders are going to realize that the life on Earth is dying, because of our extensive pollution?

When we are going to use the vast surface of our empty roofs to produce free electricity and heat? Solar shingles, solar panels, solar heat collectors, etc. Wind farms. Geothermal power plants.
We only need to use them on the national scale to become truly energy independent and environmentally sustainable - friendly.

Antarctica is dying. North pole is dying. Ice is melting, because of our pollution.
Let us stop all these deadly dangerous destruction and let us use renewable energy sources.


Solar Power Works in Every Day Life (San Jose, California)

Let us look around a bit to see how some solar photovoltaic products, which allow you clean and sustainable way of living, work in every day life.

Low cost and hassle free solar power panels.

Renewable energy is affordable and hassle free. It is our Present and our Future.

The future of Solar Power Roof is bright.

Solar Power is not Corrupted as our Top Political Elite

Why do our Top Politicians still refuse to admit, that there is no future for our civilization without a total change of Energy and Pollution policy?

Why our top Leaders do not want to fully support Endless Solar Power and other Renewable Energy Sources, which are not harmful to our environment?

Why are we still spending hundreds of $billions for Oil, Coal and Deadly Dangerous Highly Radioactive Nuclear Material?

Because of the catastrophic level of CORRUPTION and LOBBYING among the highest leadership. Because of the immense Power of Money of Global Corporations.

How long it is going to take to finally realize that only the Endless, Clean and Free Solar Power and other renewable energy sources could save our existence on Earth?

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The Future of Solar Power Technologies is Very Bright, after US election

Scientist Arthur Nozik, of the National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, Colorado is researching a phenomenon called Quantum Dots, which could revolutionary improve efficiency rates of solar cells.
New solar power photovoltaic technologies developed on the principle of Quantum dots could dramatically lower the price of solar cells by using only a fraction of previously used expensive semiconductors.

We could also add some additional positive facts to already mentioned much lower production price and much higher efficiency rate:
- a massive production of solar cells and their products (solar panels, solar shingles-tiles) could additionaly lower the cost of solar photovoltaics devices
- tax rebates
- other financial incentives

Sadly, all this could happen only after the Presidential election, because of the very strong opposition from US government and the White House.

The future of solar powered roofs is very bright, under the new President.


Solar Power and Renewable Energy are Here to Be Applied by Dr.Donald Aitken

Take time and watch this wonderfully educational video about solar power and other renewable energy. It is also about the climate changes and global warming.
Dr. Donald Aitken, physicist, solar architect and former lead scientist at the Union of Concerned of Concerned Scientists, talks about his certainty that we have all the tools and know how to make the shift to renewable energy sources right now.

I wrote many times on this blog that we already possess all the knowledge and experiences we need to completely transform our energy generation and cut our current catastrophic level of Earth pollution.
Only endless and free solar power and other renewable energy sources could save hundreds of millions of innocent casualties.
The cost of climate changes goes in $trillions expressed in financial terms.


How Solar Panel is made? (old fashioned style)

Video shows how the solar panel is made from many solar photovoltaic modules in an old fashioned way, manually. Only 600 solar panels produced per day in this small factory is far away from mass production. All new solar photovoltaic technologies, which are coming to the market could not be price competitive without a massive automated production line, which considerably lower the production costs and lower number of manufacturing faults.
There are two main factors in efforts of achieving as lower production costs as possible per 1W of electrical power produced:
- less quantity of the expensive crystalline silicon material used in solar cells
- higher efficiency rate of solar cells


Destiny of Solar Power is up to the Wiser President

We are in 2008.
President Bill Clinton had started initiative about one million solar roofs in 1998. Next president George W. Bush, well known as a 'great Oil Lover' and hair of oil empire, has managed to stop all planes about making the country energy independent by using renewable energy sources. He has managed to stop the whole new renewable industry branch to be developed and tens of thousands of new well paid jobs to be created. Tens of $billions of additional revenue could have been earned by export of these new renewable technologies and products.
President Bush simply loves oil and all he knows is oil at the record oil prices, still heading towards $200 per barrel, due to his very successful war policy round the world.
It is ridiculous that such a great country as is America (USA) does not have a controlling institution capable to restrain President's catastrophic policies considering his own country.

Following video shows application of solar panels in creation of solar power roof.

'how simple, powerful, reliable and cost effective it could have been...'

Video by tculhane Thanks!


Installation of Solar Power Roof by Luma Resources, Michigan

It is a real pleasure to see when a company develops their own way of solar roofing technology, which is quite simple to install.
This video presents a team of the Michigan company called the Luma Resources at their demonstration of solar roof installation (LumaResources.com). The company says, that their solar photovoltaic system belongs to the 'third generation' of power PV roofing.

I believe, that the solar tiles technology has a very bright and promising future, after the Presidential election in US, when the corrupted Oil lobby from the White House is going to be removed to where it belongs to - to the history of worldwide pollution, bloody wars and merciless destruction.


Solar Power, Renewable Energy and World Peace is NO Bush Policy

Today, I stumbled upon this short video, which is not about endless solar power, renewable energy sources, pollution and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material.
This video is about the future of our planet, which is momentarily in the hands of very, very dangerous people such as President Bush and his team of old Oil lobby boys. It seems, that whatever they have touched have been transformed into total chaos and total destruction. They have bankrupted the country and they have caused world financial crisis, the record oil prices and the lowest value of national currency - a dollar.

I liked this video very much.

There is a bright future for solar power and all other renewable energy sources with brand new people in Washington.
New American President could change the Oil Power reality, which creates only a bunch of filthy rich people on the expense of the rest of the world population.
New President and his new administration could immediately organize all needed resources and legislation for massive solar photovoltaics production - solar panels, solar shingles, other PV devices. He and his power could accelerate large increase of efficiency rates of solar cells and massive price cuts, which are finally going to bring endless solar power into our every day reality.


Why Solar Power has Absolutely NO Chances under President Bush?

Endless Solar Power and other renewable energy source could have already powered the US for some time, now.
However, if there are such people as the President and his team of 'old corrupted and highly criminal boys', who are only interested in their dirty oil profits, there is no chance for a reasonable discussion about any real life topics.
I found following video, which analyzes last interview of President Bush. Video truly speaks for itself, is based on cold facts and intellect and need no further comments.

I hope, these totally corrupted and blood handed individuals are going to leave the public life as soon as possible, because they are truly dangerous for our very existence.
Due to terrible pollution, our future is possible only by much wider use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, endless geothermal resources, etc.


Q-Cells bets on Renewable Solar Power and Solar Panels

Following video is one year old and is promotion material of Q-Cells company from Germany. Q-Cells is one of the biggest world producers of silicon based solar (photovoltaic) cells. The company constantly improves their range of products by increasing efficiency rates of their solar cells and reducing the quantity of silicon and other materials - reduction of cell thickness.
Only constant improvements of solar PV cells could make solar powered photovoltaics technologies competitive to other energy sources.

The future (present) is bright for endless solar power, which is coming to our planet absolutely free of charge and free of tax and import duties, such as ultra expensive oil.


Solar Power could run Hydrogen Economy when Oil Lobby Dies

Absolutely Free and Truly Endless Solar Power certainly has a bright future.
Nanotechnology is a science field, which is going to profoundly effect the production of Hydrogen and the very beginning of Hydrogen Economy.
Hydrogen is energy medium of our future and is going to replace expensive and environmentally dirty oil, coal, deadly dangerous highly radioactive material.

Walter Varhue is professor of electrical engineering at the University of Vermont.

Try to think how much solar power do we throw away every day, which is delivered to our planet by our sun?
We simply do not even think about that immense solar energy, because we are taking it for granted.
We rather buy ridiculously expensive oil, than to use vast resources of our empty roofs or other suitable surfaces for solar panels and mirrors to harness solar power.


Oil Corporations are pulling out of Iran, is War there Imminent?

News: Oil corporations Royal Dutch Shell and Spanish Repsol have pulled out of Iran, due to American military attack threat.
Those companies were involved in South Pars phase 13 project valued $10 billion. South Pars is the largest gas field in the world!
It is very easy to predict that any changes in Iranian oil and gas production has direct impact to the price of oil.
American foreign policy is constantly pushing oil prices towards the mark of $200 per barrel. President and his team of 'old oil boys' have only a few moths to entirely 'cut off' Iranian oil and gas production, before American Presidential elections. This is going to rocket oil prices towards $200 per barrel.

Well, that are very bad news for absolutely all patrol consumers and Iran.

On the other hand, constantly rising oil prices are a very good news for Solar Power and other Renewable Energy Sources.
Public are slowly getting more and more disturbed by high prices of oil and totally catastrophic government energy policy. Instead of country's energy independence by use of free and endless solar power, power of wind, immense geothermal power resources, the government is pushing oil prices up by attacking world largest oil fields.

Instead of spending $5.000 billion in lost wars in recent years, US could have been totally energy independent for good.
Instead of bankrupting the country, the government could have started new, huge investment cycle in renewable energy and efficiency improvements all over US.
Instead of more than 4000 dead soldiers, US could have been the world leader in solar power photovoltaic and other renewable technologies, which could have generated hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Export of renewable technologies to the world could have earned tens of $billions every year.
Cut of American dependence to oil could have saved hundreds of $billions.
Wide US media promotion of solar power and other renewable technologies could have profoundly changed world attitude towards global warming climate changes.

I could end with one conclusion. Whatever is going to happen in oil department in following months it is going to support further introduction of solar power PV technologies, wind farms and geothermal power plants.

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Shell-the biggest Oil Bully in Britain says NO to Renewable Energy

In the same week oil corporation Shell announced their truly fantastic $7.8 billion profit achieved in last three months, due to record historically oil prices, Shell also canceled its involvement in London Array wind farm project, which should have delivered 1GW of power to the households in the river Thames estuary. That would have been enough power to supply 25% of homes in Greater London area.

The last blow Shell has delivered to the British public and to the Greater London area, which is otherwise economic super power of England and Europe, only shows how very powerful Multinational Oil Corporations are these days. They completely control our life to a such extent, that their public relations departments do not even need to care when and where they publish so very negative announcement. This was a kind of 'total disintegration of British government renewable energy plan' of building new 33 GigaWatts of off-shore wind farms till 2020, as it was stated in official government plan about renewable energy sources.

Judging by Shell's decision and its loud public announcement, it was obvious that British government did not think seriously about renewable energy in its official paper, and it was all only Labour political 'public spin', again.
Luckily, Labor party was totally defeated on local elections all over Britain and they even lost the most powerful position in UK - the title of Mayor of London, last week. London Mayor controls more than $60 billion budget, which increases every year.

Can you imagine how did Shell attack government plan about renewable energy sources and showed off with the highest profit at the same time? Very courageous act, indeed.
That only shows, what Shell really represents in relation to British government. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is just a 'little servant' of this 'Grand Oil Master', who could order to Prime Minister what to do and what not to do, not to endanger the interests of Oil corporation. Millions of citizens do not count. They are useful only as buyers to pay for patrol and its ever rising prices, which have already broken the mark of $10 per gallon.

Even though, Britain is not located south and doesn't have many sunny days, there is more than enough solar power reaching the country's surface every single day to cover absolutely all its power needs, if only its government would have decided to become energy independent and environmentally sustainable.
Situation of solar power is much better in the USA, if we consider its geographic location and the average power of sun light there. USA has also a vast resources of non populated areas, which are more than appropriate for harnessing solar energy to produce electricity or heat.

The government could have achieved at least 50% price cut of solar panels, solar shingles, other photovoltaic devices and about 100% increase of their efficiency rates, if only their political leaders would have committed to such a goal.

Solar energy could power the world very soon, if America takes such a decision. Yet, there is a real problem there, if the president of this great country is a Oil Magnate. ):

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Petrol Crashed through the $10 per gallon in Britain

Petrol prices are constantly reaching record marks and they have climbed to the highest mark in the entire history of modern society! Patrol finally broke the mark of $10 (£5) per gallon in Britain
That is just a 'dry' news, nothing really new, what we could not have predicted before, however this fact is very painful for our consumer's pocket and for the health of national economy.

Solar Power and other renewable energy sources are Free of charge and absolutely Endless. Full stop. Obviously that is not a fact for our politicians, who are in charge and who are responsible for the economic condition of our country.

There will be NO economic growth, because of ludicrous oil prices and high inflation rate and we all know very well, what does that mean. It means a Crisis. A big economic crisis, because of dirty, stinky oil, we are all so very much addicted to.
Our politicians, such as George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are simply 'madly in love' with Oil. They worship the Oil at every possible occasion.
They have done absolutely their best to keep the prices constantly rising by using all military power of their countries for their selfish personal interests in Oil lobby. They almost bankrupted their countries by playing war games just to keep oil prices rising for their personal interests.

On this pages I am rising awareness considering wider use of solar power and other renewable energy sources, which could absolutely replace expensive and dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material.

Algerian energy minister Chakib Khelil, high representative of the Opec oil cartel, has predicted, that the price of oil is soon going to reach $200 per barrel.
How much more 'oily facts and high numbers' do we need to see and to feel, that we are going to choose renewable energy, such as wind power, solar power, geothermal, etc.?

The government could cut the prices of solar panels, solar shingles, other photovoltaic devices, wind farms, geothermal power plants by at least 50% by very few, short and simple decisions, considering its own departments, and some 'closed deals' with existing technological corporations, if only its political leaders would have wanted to.
The government could double the efficiency rates of solar cells and consequently absolutely all photovoltaics devices on the market by a few, short and simple decisions and some 'closed deals', if only its political leaders would have wanted to.

I still believe, that our solar powered future is bright.

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Japan pays huge price for not going green, renewable and solar powered

Japan is one of the wealthiest and the most organized countries in the world, especially if we consider the size of its population at 128 million.
Japan's transport system simply shines and incredibly outperforms any other country. Japan is truly a technological, knowledge and financial Super Power.

Japan is a world leader in high technologies, but it has totally failed in the department of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, geothermal, ocean power, hydrogen etc.
Japanese corporations are the biggest producers and exporters of wind farms, solar photovoltaic devices, such as solar cells, solar panels, solar shingles, solar heat collectors, but their own applications of renewable in Japan are far bellow world standards for similarly developed economies. Even their National Plan of introducing renewable energy sources is very far bellow European counterparts and shockingly surprising for such a technologically developed economy.

It seems, that public sector in Japan is totally non adequate for new energy circumstances and trends on the world market. Government doesn't have a clear and precise plan, considering power generation, which could be suitable to new power reality. Power generation and utility is localized in many centers, and power companies have a true monopoly powers. They decide about all conditions (pricing, availability, other restrictions) towards generation of renewable power. In other words, business conditions of any possible renewable power producer are very bad and not viable at all.

Japan imports more than $200 billion of oil per year and that represents an amazing waste of financial resources and a real threat to their competitive advantage. Oil prices are rising so fast, that the country simply cannot replace this cost by higher productivity and other cost cuts to stay competitive on the world market.

There is no viable chance for Japan to address the problem of oil dependency and renewable energy generation considerably better, without strictly guided central institution, supported by all positive legislation and financial backing by country's budget. Only strictly legalized authority could create respected order and better conditions for much wider introduction of solar power, wind off shore farms, geothermal harvesting, etc.

Japan is also a home of the world famous Kyoto Protocol about cutting carbon emissions worldwide.
Just to show you , how very behind the 'World Renewable Scene' Japan is:
Japan's targets about renewable energy sources look totally embarrassing. The famous MITI, now renamed as METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) set a target, that 1.35 percent of Japan’s total energy supply have to come from renewable energy, such as wind, solar power, and biofuels, by 2010. This energy target increases up to 1.63 percent by 2014.

These numbers loudly speak for themselves. What is happening with Japan after so many decades of great technological and financial successes? I think, they need a creation of another 'Renewable Energy MITI', as they had done so very successfully in seventies, eighties to rescue the country from decades of economic misery of fifties and sixties.

What is the name of the Prime Minister of Japan, who is going to refresh and renew Japan's energy market and who is going to introduce unlimited potential of free solar power, there?

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Solar Panels are very useful, yet Solar Shingles are more elegant

The easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way of applying solar photovoltaic technology to produce green electricity for your home or you business is by installing solar panels. You can place them, where ever you have enough free space, which is protected against any (sun) shadows, which could considerably lower the power output of these sun collectors.
I am particularly fond of using vast space of our empty roofs for harnessing endless and free solar power. If there is a chance to use a roof, go for it. If you live in the highly populated city, there is less chances for placing PV solar devices in any free piece of your land and the use of your roof is the only solution.

I admit, there are case, where the placement of solar panels directly affects their efficiency rate. In that case it is wise, if you place them to the appropriate pre-designed frame. That is mostly a static, firm, metal frame, which is meant to be fully functional for the next 20, 30, even 50 years.
Truly optimal positioning of any solar photovoltaics - PV panels would have been flexible - moving frame, specially controlled by signal processing unit and electronic sensor, which measures the power of light and calculate the best possible positioning of solar panel in accordance to the position of the sun.
We all know, that the position of the sun in the sky is constantly moving and if we want to extract as much sun power as possible, we need to move the PV surface of solar panel to face the sun at the right angle. Because of the higher price and maintenance needs these systems are mostly never used at home or in small businesses.

Efficiency rates of solar panels are constantly increasing and that is truly a wonderful fact. It means, that for the same investment and the same surface of solar PV collectors you are generating – producing more power – more electricity. Efficiency rate has increased from bellow 10% to above 20%, even 25% for the best devices on the world market (especially Germany prefers higher efficiency rates, because of its geographic position).
Massive production lines (China) are constantly lowering the prices of solar panels, even though, the prices are still at least 50% higher, that they could have been, if the American government would have really supported renewable energy sources.

Prof. Allen Barnett and Prof. Christiana Honsberg (University of Delaware, Newark, DE ) belong to the world scientific elite on the field of solar power PV devices. They hold the record in efficiency rate of solar cells. By their words, we are going to see solar panels with efficiency rates about 50% in 5 years time reaching the world market. (to be honest, they had really predicted shorter time frame for this fantastic scientific achievement, but I simply multiply that number by 2 to stay on the safe side/territory, because of the strong opposition by Oil lobby and absolutely NO support by American President, at all)

But, what I really admire are: Solar Shingles. Their true Simplicity and Elegance, when they reside on the roof surface and generate free green power. Actually, power roof shingles represent the roof surface, themselves. Some people prefer to call them 'solar tiles'.
I like these power tiles, because they add another very useful characteristic to any roof – producing green, renewable electricity. They also substantially lower carbon footprint of your family.

(Small print: they are more expensive than most solar panels, but I personally skip that part, because I prefer 'no nuisance', silence and 'cool look' of my own roof at home and of my business roof)

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Celebration Time for Free Solar Power in Britain

Solar power is going to have much brighter future in Britain, after fantastic defeat of Labour political party on local elections, yesterday. Who would have taught, that Labour leaders have so vigorously supported the most dirty energy sources and technologies and represented the strongest opposition to renewable energy sources in UK. Even a few days ago, the Labour party led by Gordon Brown voted against wider support to renewable energy in British parliament.

Thank Goodness, people have had enough of lies and hundreds of wasted $billions by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and other high Labor politicians.
There is also a new celebrity on the political scene in London. Newly elected mayor, who defeated former major Ken Livingstone, is Boris Johnson, a candidate, who was loudly supported by David Cameron, new, young, charismatic and very promising leader of Conservative party.

Sadly, the success of wider application of renewable and environmentally sustainable energy sources almost entirely lies in the hands of the highest politicians. Ruling political party could far too easily block any environmentally friendly activity, even though, the country urgently needs its energy independence and massive cut of CO2 pollution.

I could proudly say, that PM Gordon Brown is not going to have enough political power and reputation to stop faster and wider introduction of free and endless solar power, in the form of solar panels, solar shingles - tiles, heat collectors and the use of vast number of empty roofs for power generation, any more.

Photo by Ben Scicluna Thanks!

My Solar Power Choice these days

Every morning, the sun light starts a new day. It is happening for billions of years, every single day. It starts as a bright, or a rainy, or a cloudy morning.
Light brings us new, fresh solar energy, which could also be used for absolutely all our energy needs, if used properly. Why, then we prefer oil, gas, coal, nuclear, which they all cost us so very much and are also causing a catastrophic pollution of our beautiful blue planet?

My personal choice of using renewable and free solar power these days would include:

1. solar shingles - solar tiles - roof shingles, which are totally integrated into roof structure
solar panels, placed tightly on the roof surface or to the frame off the house

2. solar heat collector-s for producing hot/warm water

These two solar systems have to be integrated in an optimal way and controlled by central computer and software, which is very easy to use and to program by any adult family member.

I want to be as practical as possible and for that reason, I could also stick to solar panels, instead of solar roof shingles, which I prefer otherwise. Changing almost entire roof structure for installing solar shingles into roof structure is quite a project, which is maybe, not very viable, if the old-current roof shingles are still in a very good condition. In such a case, I would choose solar panels to achieve better final financial result, at the end of the day.

Solar heat collectors are very optimized and highly efficient devices for producing hot water, these days, and really cheap and useful long term, green - energy sustainable technology.
Making hot water to cover household needs represents a large proportion of family energy consumption, and there is really nothing more useful and profitable, than solar heat collectors.

Any application of these devices for harnessing free energy of our sun could substantially offset family's carbon footprint, and actively support efforts against global warming and climate changes.

The solar light is simply amazing reality and its use for generating free electricity or hot water pays off, unconditionally.

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America Wake Up! SHOCKING OIL Video

I personally support renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, tidal power, the power of sea currents, geothermal energy, etc.
I do not support oil, gas, coal.
I do not support nuclear power, due to deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material, I had had a chance to experience.

I am especially promoting the use of Free and Endless Solar Power and how to harvest it in the form of green electricity or heat by the use of vast surface of our empty roofs.

As I have said, I am against the use of fossil fuels, due to their negative impact to the environment.
However, I am against all PUBLIC LIES, for they directly effect and substantially lower the quality of our every day life, even more.
This morning, I found some shocking PUBLIC LIES and FACTS about these LIES, supported by authority of the American President George W. Bush and his former President father and the American Government, which have very badly effected the lives of the most people of this planet Earth.

Truly catastrophic lies about Oil, which every citizen deserves to watch and to judge!
What on Earth are all those 50 and something US federal security and secret services are doing all those years? Are they really protecting this CRIMINAL GANG of OIL muggers?
They are sworn to the nation, not to the bunch of Oil lobby criminals...or am I maybe wrong?

Take time, watch this shocking video about a kind of a Confession of one American pastor and I can guarantee you, that you are going to learn something new about our REALITY, and where to expect another dirty war, soon?

What to say more?
Only wide use of free and endless solar power in the form of direct electricity or heat could make any country of this beautiful blue planet really energy independent.

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