New Tens of $Billions for Nuclear Decomposition, when finally $Billions for Renewable Solar Power?

I thought it is a joke, when I heard it on TV, today.

'It is going to cost new tens of $billions on the top of $150 billion for clearing up old nuclear waste in Britain.'
Actually, nobody really knows how much?
Nobody really knows how many tens of $billions more!
What a Labour party's and PM Gordon Brown's incompetence!?!
One top nuclear expert said today on TV: 'nobody really knows, how to decommission these fantastically well built structures, which had been built to last for ever. The level of radiation is so high and dangerous, that nobody could stay there for more than a few seconds, despite the protection!'
I am speechless.

They are spending peanuts for wider use of endless and free solar power and other renewable energy sources. Yet, they are bankrupting the country only by clearing up old nuclear rubbish!
Still, the same government and the same Prime Minister have already given the green light for building even new nuclear power plants!

Are they all going crazy in Labour's high leadership? Have they forgotten basic mathematical calculations?
This planning incompetence of PM Gordon Brown and its government is going to cost Britain enormously.
Labour party is financially ruining the country, instead of building decentralized power grid and nationwide use of photovoltaic solar roofs and panels, wind power, and geothermal.

The future of Solar Power Roofs is bright, yet not under the old Labour's government in Britain.

Endless and Free Solar Power

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