America Wake Up! SHOCKING OIL Video

I personally support renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, tidal power, the power of sea currents, geothermal energy, etc.
I do not support oil, gas, coal.
I do not support nuclear power, due to deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material, I had had a chance to experience.

I am especially promoting the use of Free and Endless Solar Power and how to harvest it in the form of green electricity or heat by the use of vast surface of our empty roofs.

As I have said, I am against the use of fossil fuels, due to their negative impact to the environment.
However, I am against all PUBLIC LIES, for they directly effect and substantially lower the quality of our every day life, even more.
This morning, I found some shocking PUBLIC LIES and FACTS about these LIES, supported by authority of the American President George W. Bush and his former President father and the American Government, which have very badly effected the lives of the most people of this planet Earth.

Truly catastrophic lies about Oil, which every citizen deserves to watch and to judge!
What on Earth are all those 50 and something US federal security and secret services are doing all those years? Are they really protecting this CRIMINAL GANG of OIL muggers?
They are sworn to the nation, not to the bunch of Oil lobby criminals...or am I maybe wrong?

Take time, watch this shocking video about a kind of a Confession of one American pastor and I can guarantee you, that you are going to learn something new about our REALITY, and where to expect another dirty war, soon?

What to say more?
Only wide use of free and endless solar power in the form of direct electricity or heat could make any country of this beautiful blue planet really energy independent.

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  1. The people that control the world, as Lindsey says, are the people behind the New World Order. Do some research people and wake the Hell up.


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