Oil Corporations are pulling out of Iran, is War there Imminent?

News: Oil corporations Royal Dutch Shell and Spanish Repsol have pulled out of Iran, due to American military attack threat.
Those companies were involved in South Pars phase 13 project valued $10 billion. South Pars is the largest gas field in the world!
It is very easy to predict that any changes in Iranian oil and gas production has direct impact to the price of oil.
American foreign policy is constantly pushing oil prices towards the mark of $200 per barrel. President and his team of 'old oil boys' have only a few moths to entirely 'cut off' Iranian oil and gas production, before American Presidential elections. This is going to rocket oil prices towards $200 per barrel.

Well, that are very bad news for absolutely all patrol consumers and Iran.

On the other hand, constantly rising oil prices are a very good news for Solar Power and other Renewable Energy Sources.
Public are slowly getting more and more disturbed by high prices of oil and totally catastrophic government energy policy. Instead of country's energy independence by use of free and endless solar power, power of wind, immense geothermal power resources, the government is pushing oil prices up by attacking world largest oil fields.

Instead of spending $5.000 billion in lost wars in recent years, US could have been totally energy independent for good.
Instead of bankrupting the country, the government could have started new, huge investment cycle in renewable energy and efficiency improvements all over US.
Instead of more than 4000 dead soldiers, US could have been the world leader in solar power photovoltaic and other renewable technologies, which could have generated hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Export of renewable technologies to the world could have earned tens of $billions every year.
Cut of American dependence to oil could have saved hundreds of $billions.
Wide US media promotion of solar power and other renewable technologies could have profoundly changed world attitude towards global warming climate changes.

I could end with one conclusion. Whatever is going to happen in oil department in following months it is going to support further introduction of solar power PV technologies, wind farms and geothermal power plants.

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