Solar Panels are constantly getting more popular

Arrays from the right
Arrays from the right,
originally uploaded by Mike Weston.
More and more Solar Panels are being installed worldwide, every year.
The good news is that the efficiency rates of solar photovoltaic devices are constantly increasing and that the prices are constantly on their way down. What a good news if we compare it with the constantly growing oil prices.
About 80% of all solar panels this year are going to be installed in Germany.

We also should never forget about the vast surface of our empty roofs, which are just waiting to be populated by Solar Shingles - Tiles or Solar Panels.

The future of Renewable Energy is bright.

Photo by Mike Weston Thanks!

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  1. Curt,
    It is nice to see so much enthusiasm about solar energy. I have a dear friend that just built a multi-million dollar home with a very large building attached. They are installing solar panels on the adjacent building and using the power generated for the main house to lower the air and heating energy consumption. A very wise move...Renewable energy is a bright future!


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