Solar Power could save Antarctica and its beauties

Processes of Climate changes could be addressed properly, if only we decide to switch from fossil fuels, which generates green house gases, to renewable energy sources.
Endless solar power, wind, geothermal and hydrogen economy in the second phase of this urgent project are so very viable and easy to perform with our current technological knowledge.

It is going to cost much less than $1 billion to achieve 50% efficiency rate of solar cells, yet the government is struggling to find the financial resources to finance the project and covers all researches under the secret military program.

Only the war in Iraq is going to cost much more than $3000 billion!
And thousands of casualties.
And the record oil prices.
And catastrophic financial credit crisis.

When our leaders are going to accept FREE, ENDLESS and CLEAN solar power, wind, geothermal and hydrogen economy?
When our leaders are going to realize that the life on Earth is dying, because of our extensive pollution?

When we are going to use the vast surface of our empty roofs to produce free electricity and heat? Solar shingles, solar panels, solar heat collectors, etc. Wind farms. Geothermal power plants.
We only need to use them on the national scale to become truly energy independent and environmentally sustainable - friendly.

Antarctica is dying. North pole is dying. Ice is melting, because of our pollution.
Let us stop all these deadly dangerous destruction and let us use renewable energy sources.

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