Solar Power, Renewable Energy and World Peace is NO Bush Policy

Today, I stumbled upon this short video, which is not about endless solar power, renewable energy sources, pollution and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material.
This video is about the future of our planet, which is momentarily in the hands of very, very dangerous people such as President Bush and his team of old Oil lobby boys. It seems, that whatever they have touched have been transformed into total chaos and total destruction. They have bankrupted the country and they have caused world financial crisis, the record oil prices and the lowest value of national currency - a dollar.

I liked this video very much.

There is a bright future for solar power and all other renewable energy sources with brand new people in Washington.
New American President could change the Oil Power reality, which creates only a bunch of filthy rich people on the expense of the rest of the world population.
New President and his new administration could immediately organize all needed resources and legislation for massive solar photovoltaics production - solar panels, solar shingles, other PV devices. He and his power could accelerate large increase of efficiency rates of solar cells and massive price cuts, which are finally going to bring endless solar power into our every day reality.

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