Solar Power and profitable use of our roofs

In a real world of Politics and Power it takes just one leading Man/Woman to take the first and crucial decision, where to invest? How much to invest? When to invest?

All these questions are answered just by one person in/with Power. That person has a name.
Sometimes that person is a president, sometimes a Prime Minister, sometimes a Queen, sometimes somebody behind the scene, who holds the keys of the Power in his/her hands.

Who on Earth could make a decision about use of renewable energy resources?
Who could introduce endless solar 'Power to the People'?
Who could turn the clock of environmental destruction and global warming, back again, in the light of experience?
Who could make our roofs to work for us a bit more, dressed in solar power shingles or solar panels and produce green electricity?

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Is that another Free Solar Power disaster in UK?

1.Plain lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction to start the war for OIL interests in Iraq
2.Lost CDs and millions of citizens confidential identities
3.Lost military Laptops and secret personal details about army officers and soldiers
4.Cash for Honor affair
5.Lost $billions and bankrupted Tube maintenance private/public company
6.London is the center of the world and its underground is just a 'cattle transport', even though it has more than 1 billion passengers per year, who pay the highest fares
7.Northern Rock (Bank) fiasco ($120 billion)
8.Wembley Stadium and its shameful opening delay
9.Heathrow Terminal 5 - T5 and total collapse of BA(British Airways) and BAA services
10.$Millions spent for MP(members of parliament) new private furniture and fake expenses
11. $150 billion just for clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants
12.New nuclear Power Plants has got green light to be built...before the old waste have even been cleared?

What is happening in modern Britain? What is wrong with its leadership and wasted public $billions? Where is a strict new plan to address global warming, climate change, renewable energy sources, chemical and plastic pollution? What about free solar power, wind, geothermal, biomass, tidal, sea currents, etc.?

Is it time for HRH the Queen to act? and to put things in order, again? To regain reputation, trust and respect for every public penny?

So many $billions of taxpayers money are wasted for n.....g ?
Citizens are publicly humiliated and ashamed in front of the whole world for shameful services?

I hope, Endless and Free solar power is going to get its place in modern society, soon

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Sunday in pictures, embraced by Free Solar Power

I started this Sunday by reading interesting blogs and watching video of Karen Armstrong's speech about compassion, suggested by Blork Blog.

I couldn't resist not to go outdoor to be embraced by warm, free, soft and velvety Solar Power, which I am so passionate to promote, at any occasion which occurs.
Fresh air in these last days of March is going to open new pathways in my mind of how to promote free, endless solar power in comparison with hundreds of $billions, which OUR governments are spending to cover up old nuclear waste of old nuclear power plants.

They could do so much better in spending just a fraction of that money by investing in improving efficiency rate of modern solar cells, panels, shingles, etc., and in lowering the overall cost of production of these solar power devices.

Remember, solar power is free and endless.

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Is Free Solar Power just a 'scam'?

It seems, that many influential people still take a term "Free Solar Power", just as a cheap 'scam', used as 'a spin' by green interest groups or other environmentalists.

What about facts?
1.We are still spending tens of $billions for oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, on a daily basis.
2.We are still massively destroying our living space, living forms and ourselves on Earth, on a daily basis.
3.Our Sun is constantly sending to Earth much more solar energy from the center of our solar system, than we need to cover our ALL energy needs, on a daily basis.

I am going to leave the final decision, if 'Free solar power is just a cheap scam?', to you, my dear reader.

Just another provocative question for people:
Is our massive destroying of life forms and living environment on planet Earth a criminal activity?

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Make your (Solar) Roof to work for You

HOW to MAKE your SOLAR ROOF to WORK for you?

Buildings have roofs. Right? And our land is 'populated' by millions and millions of buildings of any kind. From large stores, barracks, factories, to tall skyscrapers, blocks of flats and ordinary houses. Millions of buildings all over the world.
All those buildings have roof tops. Millions and millions of roofs. If we ask the simple question, what is the purpose of a roof?, the answer would have probably been: 'the protection of the building against atmospheric factors'. And that's all.

But, what could my roof also do for me? Could my roof make some cash for me, or at least cut my monthly cost of living? Could my roof even help in tackling the very real threat of global warming and climate changes?

The answer is YES, if we apply solar roof shingles or solar panels.
My roof can work for me, at least daytime shift from dawn to dusk, without being tired or asking for their basic employee rights or even for a lunch, coffee or a smoke break.
My roof can earn the cash for me or at least lower my monthly electricity bill.

And my roof, fashionably 'dressed' in solar roof shingles, can substantially lower my carbon footprint and help in prevention of global warming and climate changes.

What on Earth could stop me in implementation of solar roof shingles to make my roof to work for me, to work for my wallet and the environment, as well?

Maybe, the Price?

Prices of any solar power devices in any country could be substantially lowered by a few simple decisions, taken by Government literally just by night, and additionally lowered by investment - support in current scientific research efforts in improving efficiency rate of solar power cells, panels, shingles, on longer term basis.

While improving efficiency rate of solar power devices, scientists are also substantially lowering the price and the quantity of material, needed to produce the solar cell - panel - shingles.

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Solar powered shingles are forgotten treasure of our society

Many years ago scientists invented and developed the first solar power cell for use in program of space exploration. Solar cells have allowed to harvest unlimited resources of solar power in our solar system in the form of direct production of electricity. They put many solar cells together on one wider surface and got solar panels. Larger is the surface of the solar panel, higher is the amount of electricity produced.

There are very many power consuming devices in every modern satellite, which need uninterrupted power supply for their work. Solar panels and batteries for storing electric energy, produced in solar panels, formed a very successful combination for addressing problems of energy production in space.

The modern age of solar power has arrived by an accidental event in Bell Laboratories in 1954. More than 50 years after this 'Solar Power Breakthrough' we are still not using endless resources of free solar power, as we should have to. Solar is free and everywhere.

Direct investments in improving efficiency rate of solar cells were next to nothing in those FIFTY years time, in comparison with other fossil and nuclear fuels, which have created 'horrible pollution' and global warming threats.

Even though, the Solar Power has been free and unlimited, 'even fifty years ago', we still haven't realised its Golden Value' for supporting our energy needs...' and to invest more extensively in increasing of efficiency rate of solar cells.


Government renounced Highly Radioactive Material as Clean, Safe and Friendly


Britain's Business and Enterprise Secretary John Hutton said, that nuclear energy:
1. is safe
2. clean
3. good for the environment

Has he done his homework and spend a month in close proximity to Highly Radioactive Nuclear Material, yet, as he should have done, before he had renounced highly radioactive material as clean, safe and good for the environment.

Such a lie on public expense. Such a denial of physical facts. Such a disgrace to the natural science and rational thinking.

The Bill for clearing up Highly Radioactive Material from old nuclear power plants is going to be higher than $150 billion. Taxpayers money is going to be spend for covering up old nuclear rubbish, instead for real people and their needs.

And here is another series of nuclear power plants...even before, the bill for old nuclear power plants was cleared.

Not a word about free and endless solar power. Not a word about our vast roof surface, which could home solar power shingles and produce free electricity for good.

Paris Hilton and a Fashionable Science of Solar Power

In the high flying academic world of natural sciences, there is also a rule of the Fashionable Brands. More the particular brand is fashionable, more money it attracts. More money it attracts, more scientists join that 'Science Brand Wagon'. More scientists 'produce' more new discoveries and the circle is closed.

Who are the direct creators of Fashionable Science Brands/Departments/Topics:

1. Large Media Houses (TV, Press, Web sites), which are able to address tens or even hundreds of millions of people. Their direct impact to people's thinking is really immense. The media recipe: repeat, repeat, repeat in all multimedia forms.
2. Governments of G8 countries by their budget spending structure. In other words, 'the money talks and attracts.'
3. The American President by His influence as the leader of the free world.
4. World Top Celebrities, such as: Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin/Larry Page, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, etc.

How one could create a 'Harvesting of Solar Power' as an 'Ultra Fashionable Natural Science', which could truly save the world of burning fossil fuels and excessive CO2?

1. To ask and to remind the American President in addressing the threat of the World Climate Change
2. To challenge Prime Ministers of each government, who are the first individuals in charge of any country's budget
3. To challenge editors and directors of Large Media Houses
4. To constantly remind World Top Celebrities about their 'leading role' in betterment of this world

Solar Power is Free and Endless. It doesn't pollute the environment. Our roofs are still empty and are hardly waiting to get a nice company of solar roof shingles or old fashioned solar panels to produce green electricity.

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A Radioactive Cat triggered a Dirty Bomb alarm

...Little cat, sitting in fast driving car had caused a nuclear threat...

Just as an interesting intermezzo between a boxing match, where Free Solar Power fights against Dirty Nuclear Power for the Energy Rule over the Earth. Solar Power is losing, badly, due to our governments and political leaders, worldwide.

Deadly Dangerous Highly Radioactive Material, which fuels nuclear power stations, is unreasonably supported by governments on behalf of the heavy tens of $billions of Tax Payers money. Nuclear lobby also invest in media and all individual or public decision making processes as much as it could to preserve the existence, running and future prosperity of this Huge Dirty Nuclear Businesses.

There was a sick Cat with cancer, which had been treated by radiological therapy in hospital, a few days ago. While driving beside very sensitive radiation sensors the cat triggered them and the car was stopped for a check up. Read more...
SlashDot Disscusion forum about this radioactive cat
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Solar Power vs Highly Radioactive Material: 0:1

Free and Endless Solar Power in Britain has lost against Highly Radioactive Material, which has been financially supported by government on behalf of the tax payers = citizens = electoral base.

I believe, that every member of the Government should have spent at least one month of their professional life in very close proximity to Highly Radioactive Material. I don't mean to be exposed to that 'horrible human threat', but to work very close to it to learn how extremely dangerous that matter is.

Highly Radioactive Material is certainly one of the most dangerous and serious threats to humanity. The extreme power of high energy radiation could be seen all over the world. Even Marie Curie, one of the most famous nuclear scientists, who discovered so much new about the phenomenon of radioactivity had died of cancer, caused by exposure to radioactive elements.
Later, we could see tens of thousands of victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, numerous nuclear tests and clandestine military planed experiments on real people, research laboratories, failed nuclear power plants, such as Chernobyl, etc.

American President George W. Bush has started the 'War Against Terrorism'. Britain and other world countries have joined that war against terrorism. The person, who is leading the opposite site of that front is a billionaire Osama Bin Laden, who was previously highly trained by top secret services in their secret businesses in Afghanistan against Russian invasion. The most atrocious attack on western democratic countries was destruction of Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New Your, on September 11. Thousands of innocent people had died.

It is really so very easy for a skilled technician to create a Dirty Bomb, made of highly radioactive waste, extensively produced in nuclear power plants, nuclear scientific research institutions, even from parts of old nuclear devices.
Every one, who studied physics knows that.
Such Dirty Bomb is far the cheapest 'Strategic Weapon', and also, a Strategic Weapon which is far the easiest to create.

More nuclear power plants there are on this planet, higher is the risk of abuse of highly radioactive nuclear material from this plants by any terrorist interest group.
I believe, the first task of any Government is to protect their own citizens - their electoral base.
But, how the government could possibly protect people against the terrorist threat with highly radioactive nuclear material, if there are more and more nuclear power plants out there?

The very same Government is introducing new nuclear power plants and widely supports them financially.

The cost off clearing up old highly radioactive waste from old nuclear power plants is going to cost Britain more than $150 billion!!!
That is the cost of old nuclear rubbish from old nuclear power plants. And they want to build even more nuclear power plants, before the bill of old is even cleared up???

That is the reason, why every member of any government should have spent at least one month very close to highly radioactive material to learn about this 'Unleashed Devil', we are dealing with.
Such an experience would have opened their eyes about the sheer deadly reality of Highly Radioactive Material, for good.

And finally, that would have opened the door for absolutely free and endless Solar Power.
Why not to use our empty roofs for placing solar power shingles? Why not to use any other sustainable energy source, except nuclear and fossil fuels? Why to produce more and more CO2? Why not to address more profoundly the reality of the world climate changes, caused by global warming?


Solar Power is Endless and cost Nothing

Simple, old fashioned 10kW solar panel system produces about 575.000 kilowatt hours of electricity during its 35 year projected life span. Solar panel system doesn't really look as nice as solar power shingles and it is not so resistant to different weather conditions as solar roof shingles, but its positive influence to our environment is truly immense.

Efficiency rate of solar cells is increasing every year, even though, the financial research support from the government is just a fraction of the overall budget.

Our leaders obviously still don't take the threat of climate change effects, caused by global warming, seriously enough to act in accordance with scientific facts.

The price of ignoring global warming effects, which every country has already started to face, is going to increase enormously, every year we spent in waiting to seriously address this global problem.


Dirty Nuclear cost more than $150 billion just for the old waste

Clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear plants in Britain is going to cost more than $150 billion (£75 billion) !!!

That is an insane huge number. All that huge money is going to be wasted just to cover up old nuclear rubbish and to hide it to new location, where is going to stay deadly harmful and highly radioactive for next thousands of years!!!

$150 billion is $150.000 millions. And absolutely no real intention about totally sustainable and harmless solar power.

One could imagine $1 million.
One could hardly imagine $1000 million(s).
But, it is almost impossible to imagine 150.000 million(s).

$150.000 million is going to be just thrown away for cleaning up old nuclear power plants in Britain (UK). Solar power is endless and absolutely free of charge. There are millions of roofs out there which are waiting to be covered by solar power shingles.

Still, Britain's PM and government are planning new deadly nuclear power plants??? Before, old dirty and deadly dangerous sins have been even solved???

$150.000 million(s) = £75.000 million(s)

And, they speak there is not enough money for new equipment for the Army. There is not enough money for children and their meals at schools. There is not enough money for the health system and to provide dental care for all people. There is not enough money for the science. There is never enough money for the introduction of green solar power generation. Wind. Geothermal. And there is old plastic waste all around us.


Free Solar Easter Promise

USA President George W. Bush has been TOP politician for many, many years. He inherited his skills by his Presidential father. As a politician and as a businessman he learned to deal with large numbers, he managed to deal with $billions. But, even billions were not enough for Mr.Bush. He even became proficient in juggling with $trillions of taxpayers money.
PM of Russia Vladimir Putin has become more than proficient with large numbers, during his Presidency, while he has managed to control hundreds of $billions.
Britain's PM Gordon Brown had been a Chancellor of Exchequer for many, many years under PM Tony Blair. He has learned to be proficient with numbers on large scale - he has learned to be proficient with juggling $billions.
PM Angela Merkel of Germany is more than proficient with large numbers, firstly as a scientist by her profession and secondly as a TOP politician of financially strong and disciplined Germany.

All those politicians are capable to crucially address the 'Global Warming - Climate Change Issues' by introducing new, free, green, sustainable and endless energy resources of SOLAR POWER, if they wanted.

I wish, their Easter Promise 2008 would have been to use millions of roofs all over the world for producing green renewable electricity by solar power shingles.
I wish their Easter Promise 2008 would have been to lead hundreds of other world leaders to solve a real threat to humanity and life on this beautiful Blue Earth: global warming and climate change.

George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel are individuals with true Power, Authority and Charisma. They are 'the holders of the KEY' to our green environmental future.

Free solar power is waiting to be harvested as much as we need it to cover absolutely all our energy needs.

And bare in mind, that only $13 million investment in scientific research team of one of the US Universities has managed to achieve 50% of efficiency rate of solar power cells, which are our future (team of 2 professors and students with fresh, young energy and clear goals).
Solar Power is much cheaper than oil, gas, coal, nuclear.

Solar Power is Absolutely Free and Endless

Solar power - the power of our sun is absolutely free of charge.

What is wrong with us humans, that we are so desperate to spend $billions every day for energy.
But, it is not enough to waste our hardly earned money on energy. We are also destroying our beautiful Blue planet by green gas emissions, plastic and oil waste, nuclear waste, coal ashes, heavy metals, and many more different pollutants.

Solar energy is FREE and it is truly unlimited.

Our lovely Sun produces an estimated 4 trillion Watts of electricity every single hour, which is more than enough power to meet our energy needs for the next few thousand years.

We need only a little fraction of that energy pile, radiated by Sun to our Green planet.
Endless surfaces of roofs are waiting to be dressed in solar roof power shingles and to produce green sustainable energy, which is not going to pollute our sensitive environment.

Please, bare in mind the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste from Britain's old nuclear power plants in excess of $150 billion. Such a sum of money could be used for thousands of different, much more positive causes, than just covering up highly radioactive material.

Silence is Golden - The Beauty of Roof Shingles

Silent Roof Shingles work for you for many, many years.

If you ask me, as an average Joe, what is the Beauty of solar shingles?

Solar shingles:
1. don't talk or produce any strange and loud voices, such as almost any power engine
2. don't disturb by vibrating or shaking the roof
3. don't produce green gas emissions, while they are producing electricity
4. don't produce smelly and dangerous exhaust, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, trains, planes
5. don't look ugly, that you could possibly be ashamed as their owner
6. they give you more 'intellectual and green look' in your closer society
7. they encourage you to completely forget about them

And, they are producing fresh bucks/cash in your wallet, by making your own electricity.

You know, that power prices are just going to rise, if we attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. or not.
There are far too many people out there, who need fresh, new energy for their needs. Not millions of people, but billions of them in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and many more places, too. Everyone wants its own energy pile.

Yet, there is nothing more beautiful as the silent work of Solar Power Shingles on my roof, working for me.

Shingles make me far more personally confident. They make me really green in offsetting my carbon footprint. Through them, I really contribute to addressing problems of global warming by my own sustainable energy production.
Not hypocritically green, as they are most leading politicians out there, who are influencing in spending $billions of budget money for dirty oil, dirty gas, dirty nuclear and dirty coal, but their mouth are full of 'green words and promises'.

Even though, solar power is just a part of Eco sustainable movement it is very important one. Let's don't forget about chemical pollution, plastic waste, real CO2 harvesting, clean water logistics, drought, poverty, hunger...

'SILENCE IS GOLDEN.' And this quote applies for solar shingles.

My Roof is earning for me.


Solar Power Future in spite resistence of Government

Efficiency rate of solar cells - solar panels -solar power shingles - solar roof shingles is about 10%, up to 15%.
This number is still a very impressive result, if we consider that solar power is absolutely FREE of charge.

You buy solar power devices once and use them for many, many years to come.

There is a group of scientists, who set a clear goal to reach 50% rate of efficiency of solar power, which is going to dramatically improve the performance of any form of exploration of solar power (solar-roof shingles, satellite power devices, large surface solar panels for solar power plants, solar curtains, etc). They have succeeded!

50 % of efficiency is truly an amazing result! It means 500% jump in an efficiency rate. 500%!!!

Background of this 'efficiency research' success:
- one, clearly set goal: to achieve 50% efficiency of solar power cells
- small, committed and focused team of scientists and students
- $13 million investment

Could you imagine how many more, amazing and environmentally friendly scientific results/breakthroughs could be achieved by $150 billion, which will be wasted for covering/clearing up old nuclear rubbish, just in UK alone?

Let us see: $150.000 million/13 = 11.538

More than 11.000 scientific research projects out of the money, which is going to be 'wasted' for our past nuclear sins!!!


Solar Power vs The Power of Cash, Result 0:1

Solar Power vs The Power of Cash, Result 0:1

Why we simply cannot miss, if we have chosen Solar Power as our main source of green energy?
The Wallet/Purse answer:

Solar power or the power of sun is so very thoroughly connected to LIFE of all living creatures on Earth, that we can count it as a main substantial part of OUR LIFE.
We simply cannot survive without Sun, its radiation as light, heat, energy.
Of course, one could be hidden behind deep walls and connected to different energy sources to keep his/her heart ticking. But, such a life, I would rather call: a purely vegetating one and a person: a vegetable (no offense to real vegetable, which I personally adore).
What is life without walking and playing outdoors?
What is life without breathing fresh air outdoors?

And, yet, we are using every silly excuse to deny the solar power, which is clearly shown and well presented everywhere around us.
Why dirty and dangerous Nuclear? Why dirty and dangerous Oil? Why dirty and dangerous Coal? Just, because we are not intelligent or creative enough? NO. It is because the power of CASH. The power of their owners, who don't care about the life, but own personal 'cash interest'.

Our Sun and its energy is present here, now. It is absolutely free of charge. It is truly unlimited to supply all our needs.

We could still hold dirty nuclear, dirty oil, dirty coal as energy sources, stored safely deep underneath for any possible emergency case in the future, or just as interesting rarity and 'museum kind of an experience' for our children.


Labour's 12% mistake or just a spin? Cost: $10 billion

Labour's 12% miss about greenhouse gas emissions: a mistake or just a spin?

Greenhouse gas emissions in United Kingdom are 12% higher than claimed by Labour. Mistake was discovered by the investigation of National Audit Office. That is a huge hit and could undermine Gordon Brown's claims of creating low-carbon economy.

Governments figures excluded UK businesses operating abroad, shipping, aviation and emissions made by British tourists holidaying abroad. Government has claimed that in 2005 emissions were 656m tons of CO2, but the real figure is closer to 733m tons.
They also claimed that emissions have fallen 6.4% since 1990, but obviously that was false, too.

Conservatives have already accused the government of 'Enron style accounting', which could cost taxpayers in UK another £5 billion ($10 billion) from 2010-2020, for buying 'carbon credits' from abroad, caused by government failures in meeting 'greenhouse emissions reduction targets'.

£5 billion - $10 billion. Could you imagine that amazing sum of cash?

Could you imagine such a sum of cash invested in new Solar Power Technologies, Wind harvesting, Geothermal exploitation?
Could you imagine a roof surface covered by simple solar power shingles in amount of $10 billion? It could have been HUGE!

I am just an average Joe. But, I like to play a bit in my mind. It costs nothing, really. What should I think about, as a 'next door type of a guy', if I would have been in a position of PM? (first, I would delete influence of powerful lobbies on my mind, even though, it is quite hard to do that, but still possible...it's all about our future and the future of our children...and my son or daughter are worth much more than any old nuclear or oil lobby)

We have already entered economic recession, as confirmed by finance guru Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. That means, that the financial situation is going to get much tougher, than we were used to.
$10 billion is a big sum of money, if not invested properly. Of course, it is just a fraction of $150 billion (£75 billion), which is estimated cost of clearing up old Nuclear 'highly radioactive rubbish/waste' from British Nuclear Power Stations.

After low success of previous Gordon Brown's pledges about African Poverty, Prime Minister should do a strategically shocking, but boldly intellectual and logical gesture/action/manoeuvre.
Global Warming and Climate Change are truly perfect opportunity for an action, widely supported by citizens (his electoral base). Last figures about Labour popularity are catastrophic and it is time for a change or ...

Maybe, He should propose and personally lead that movement.
A plan of substantial investment in domestic sustainable energy resources, until all desired and planned goals of the campaign would have been achieved.

- a kind of a 'Marshall plan': financial boost for national and consequently international economy, as a bright contradiction to recent, anemic and foggy budget proposal
- big boost for national and international scientific/academic and other research institutions in seeking higher efficiency rate of new 'Eco green technologies' and their implementation
- radical cut of greenhouse gas emissions, for good
- you pay only once to harvest free, green energy for years to come (not like oil, gas, coal, wood, nuclear, which you need to pay every time you run out of them - when the car petrol tank is empty)
- new program could be a real revival for quite 'tired' Labour political party
- perfect PR, supported by all national/international media, Eco groups and individuals, and brand new image as a leader in critical time of a Global Climate Change
- amazing, new political power as the PM
- an optimal 'distraction opportunity' to resolve the inherited problems of Iraq and Afghanistan

and everybody would say:'I knew he was more than he showed off. I knew, he has been preparing something more dramatically, more substantially, maybe, even a kind of a glorious for his term...'

Never forget about your children and all other children of this wonderful planet.
Never forget about $150 billion, which is going to be wasted for covering up the nuclear rubbish and bad planning


Climate Change Crusader Al Gore (CCC) and his flock

Al Gore (Albert Arnold Gore,Jr.) is one of the World's TOP Celebrities. Such as Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Tiger Wood, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolly, Tom Cruise, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel...

But, there is a huge difference among these TOP class. Al Gore is an environment CRUSADER. He is a former US Vice-President (who served from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton) and one could say: 'Thank goodness, he didn't become an American president, after Bill Clinton.'

Just because, he didn't become American President, he became a unique Climate Change Crusader (new badge: CCC). After he was defeated by George W. Bush, he became a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate!

How many world leaders won an Oscar for his documentary film? Al Gore won an Oscar on global warming film "An Inconvenient Truth."

He also earned first hundred $million on the way, as a CCC (Climate Change Crusader), which catapulted him into 'Climate Change Orbit', as the clear leader of the 'Environmentally Green Flock', I also proudly belong to. (That's not an official political party, but more a mental movement.) A $billion is just a question of time, now. He simply needs to join a 'Billionaire Club' of alike as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Lakshmi Mittal, Ted Turner, Silvio Berlusconi, George Soros, to get additional leverage and grip to conquer the world by 'Green Thought'.
I need to point out, that only critical mass of cash - finances, allows one to additionally establish one's reputation in that field/department. Enough bucks, also equips one to uninterruptedly fights on the world 'Climate Change Arena'.
Oil, Nuclear, Coal, Pharmaceutical,..., lobbys are financially and politically simply far too strong and influential to address, otherwise.

He travels much more than any other world leader, and he strictly offsets all his travels by 1000 fold, at least. His personal, 'Environmentally Green Impact' could be seen almost anywhere in the world.

Even, Al Gore is not yet a $billionaire, he possesses a charisma which supersedes far many of them. He is truly changing the world. He is getting more and more powerful and respected, worldwide.

One day, he could get another chance to stand for an American Presidency, but maybe, that post is not going to interest him, anymore. There is so much more to do out there to introduce new Eco sustainable technologies, such as solar power shingles, solar power plants, solar heat collectors, wind farms, tidal power plants, geothermal power, new much more efficient power grid and power management, brand new ways of energy storage, CO2 harvesting, which doesn't effect the environment, much more efficient use of energy by each one of us. Oh, there is really so much to do to reach the 'Green Earth Vision'.

CCC - Climate Change Crusader
CCA - Climate Change Arena
EGF - Environmentally Green Flock
EGI - Environmentally Green Impact
GT - Green Thought
GEV - Green Earth Vision

Wonderful photos: Wikipedia Thank You!


White Glaciers are melting as Mars ice cream bar at Copocabana beach

Glaciers all around our planet have never ever melted as fast as this year! That is a real catastrophe for a very sensitive climate on Earth. It changes a sea level, concentration of salt and minerals in sea water, temperature of sea water, speed and direction of sea currents, and much more. Just simple change of sea currents could dramatically change the climate of United Kingdom, for example, into hostile, cold land, with loads of ice and snow, more similar to Russian Siberia.
I truly adore vast open space and winter whiteness of Siberia, but I am quite sure citizens of UK wouldn't have liked to experience greater climate changes in their neighborhood, very much.

I think, we don't have a lot of spare time to think about such dramatically climate changes, because we have already crossed the tipping point of no return, and without a proper action, to address the level of CO2 in atmosphere, we are truly in deep trouble.
Thinking about wide and every day use of solar power, roof power shingles, solar heat absorbers, wind farms, geothermal resources, could take us closer to much healthier, more green and environmentally sustainable energy production.
We are urged to change our energy sources, or we are going to face huge climate changes in our neighborhood, for sure.

Check the amazing work of Ólafur Ingólfsson, Professor of glacial and Quaternary Geology, University of Iceland


Germany is Solar Power Leader

Yes, Germany is the leader in harnessing solar power for producing 'green electricity' or concentrating heat. Quite surprising, isn't it? One should have expected any other technologically highly developed country on top position, which is located closer to equator, such as USA, Israel, Japan, Australia, rather than Germany.
Even though, the surface of Germany gets only about half of the solar power exposure per square meter in comparison with more equatorial countries, its government and people have decided to considerably support renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind farms, geothermal. Their research institutions and industry are more and more successful in new green technologies and they are particularly successful in increasing the rate of efficiency of solar panels, solar shingles and solar heat collectors.
The efficiency rate/factor plays a crucial role in determining the future of green-sustainable energy. Higher is this rate, lower is the price of the implementation of new technologies.
Lower is the price of this implementation, lower is the resistance of politicians, business leaders and finally us – average citizens to adoption of new sustainable technologies.


Simplicity and Elegance of solar shingles

More I think about solar shingles – roof shingles, more I am amazed by their simplicity and elegance. The main idea is nothing new. Roof shingles have been roofing buildings for many thousands of years, already. What is new is just idea of using the roof surface for producing electricity. And that electricity is green, environmentally sustainable.

Just, try to imagine, what is the combined surface of all roofs of all buildings on this planet???
That must be a really huge number. I suppose, nobody really possesses this information. But, this fact is not important, at all. What is important is, that with solar shingles, we've got perfect opportunity for producing green electricity. We don't need any additional surface. We are simply using existing one. That I call: Simply and Elegant solution.

There are also some historical and very special buildings, where the application/installment of solar power shingles, wouldn't have been appropriate, not to ruin their exquisite appearance.
Such, 'nationally protected' buildings are quite rare. All the rest is opportunity, which calls, to be replaced by solar roof shingles.

Again, simplicity and elegance of design, application and purpose.

We really need to take climate change, caused by CO2 over-pollution, much more seriousely, or we are going to pay a shockingly high price.

I found these wonderful photos of solar roof shingles, created by Eastpole on Flickr, today. Thanks!


Solar Parking Machine

I found another solar parking machine, today. It really looks great, except that dirty protective glass, which is clearly seen on photos. Parking authorities should really care better about cleanliness of their tools - property, because solar cells work well only, if the surface is clean enough to be optimally exposed to solar power - light. Such, solar parking machines are still very rare in London. (Here is my previous post about solar parking machines)

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