Solar powered shingles are forgotten treasure of our society

Many years ago scientists invented and developed the first solar power cell for use in program of space exploration. Solar cells have allowed to harvest unlimited resources of solar power in our solar system in the form of direct production of electricity. They put many solar cells together on one wider surface and got solar panels. Larger is the surface of the solar panel, higher is the amount of electricity produced.

There are very many power consuming devices in every modern satellite, which need uninterrupted power supply for their work. Solar panels and batteries for storing electric energy, produced in solar panels, formed a very successful combination for addressing problems of energy production in space.

The modern age of solar power has arrived by an accidental event in Bell Laboratories in 1954. More than 50 years after this 'Solar Power Breakthrough' we are still not using endless resources of free solar power, as we should have to. Solar is free and everywhere.

Direct investments in improving efficiency rate of solar cells were next to nothing in those FIFTY years time, in comparison with other fossil and nuclear fuels, which have created 'horrible pollution' and global warming threats.

Even though, the Solar Power has been free and unlimited, 'even fifty years ago', we still haven't realised its Golden Value' for supporting our energy needs...' and to invest more extensively in increasing of efficiency rate of solar cells.

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