Make your (Solar) Roof to work for You

HOW to MAKE your SOLAR ROOF to WORK for you?

Buildings have roofs. Right? And our land is 'populated' by millions and millions of buildings of any kind. From large stores, barracks, factories, to tall skyscrapers, blocks of flats and ordinary houses. Millions of buildings all over the world.
All those buildings have roof tops. Millions and millions of roofs. If we ask the simple question, what is the purpose of a roof?, the answer would have probably been: 'the protection of the building against atmospheric factors'. And that's all.

But, what could my roof also do for me? Could my roof make some cash for me, or at least cut my monthly cost of living? Could my roof even help in tackling the very real threat of global warming and climate changes?

The answer is YES, if we apply solar roof shingles or solar panels.
My roof can work for me, at least daytime shift from dawn to dusk, without being tired or asking for their basic employee rights or even for a lunch, coffee or a smoke break.
My roof can earn the cash for me or at least lower my monthly electricity bill.

And my roof, fashionably 'dressed' in solar roof shingles, can substantially lower my carbon footprint and help in prevention of global warming and climate changes.

What on Earth could stop me in implementation of solar roof shingles to make my roof to work for me, to work for my wallet and the environment, as well?

Maybe, the Price?

Prices of any solar power devices in any country could be substantially lowered by a few simple decisions, taken by Government literally just by night, and additionally lowered by investment - support in current scientific research efforts in improving efficiency rate of solar power cells, panels, shingles, on longer term basis.

While improving efficiency rate of solar power devices, scientists are also substantially lowering the price and the quantity of material, needed to produce the solar cell - panel - shingles.

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