Free Solar Easter Promise

USA President George W. Bush has been TOP politician for many, many years. He inherited his skills by his Presidential father. As a politician and as a businessman he learned to deal with large numbers, he managed to deal with $billions. But, even billions were not enough for Mr.Bush. He even became proficient in juggling with $trillions of taxpayers money.
PM of Russia Vladimir Putin has become more than proficient with large numbers, during his Presidency, while he has managed to control hundreds of $billions.
Britain's PM Gordon Brown had been a Chancellor of Exchequer for many, many years under PM Tony Blair. He has learned to be proficient with numbers on large scale - he has learned to be proficient with juggling $billions.
PM Angela Merkel of Germany is more than proficient with large numbers, firstly as a scientist by her profession and secondly as a TOP politician of financially strong and disciplined Germany.

All those politicians are capable to crucially address the 'Global Warming - Climate Change Issues' by introducing new, free, green, sustainable and endless energy resources of SOLAR POWER, if they wanted.

I wish, their Easter Promise 2008 would have been to use millions of roofs all over the world for producing green renewable electricity by solar power shingles.
I wish their Easter Promise 2008 would have been to lead hundreds of other world leaders to solve a real threat to humanity and life on this beautiful Blue Earth: global warming and climate change.

George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel are individuals with true Power, Authority and Charisma. They are 'the holders of the KEY' to our green environmental future.

Free solar power is waiting to be harvested as much as we need it to cover absolutely all our energy needs.

And bare in mind, that only $13 million investment in scientific research team of one of the US Universities has managed to achieve 50% of efficiency rate of solar power cells, which are our future (team of 2 professors and students with fresh, young energy and clear goals).
Solar Power is much cheaper than oil, gas, coal, nuclear.

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