White Glaciers are melting as Mars ice cream bar at Copocabana beach

Glaciers all around our planet have never ever melted as fast as this year! That is a real catastrophe for a very sensitive climate on Earth. It changes a sea level, concentration of salt and minerals in sea water, temperature of sea water, speed and direction of sea currents, and much more. Just simple change of sea currents could dramatically change the climate of United Kingdom, for example, into hostile, cold land, with loads of ice and snow, more similar to Russian Siberia.
I truly adore vast open space and winter whiteness of Siberia, but I am quite sure citizens of UK wouldn't have liked to experience greater climate changes in their neighborhood, very much.

I think, we don't have a lot of spare time to think about such dramatically climate changes, because we have already crossed the tipping point of no return, and without a proper action, to address the level of CO2 in atmosphere, we are truly in deep trouble.
Thinking about wide and every day use of solar power, roof power shingles, solar heat absorbers, wind farms, geothermal resources, could take us closer to much healthier, more green and environmentally sustainable energy production.
We are urged to change our energy sources, or we are going to face huge climate changes in our neighborhood, for sure.

Check the amazing work of Ólafur Ingólfsson, Professor of glacial and Quaternary Geology, University of Iceland

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