Simplicity and Elegance of solar shingles

More I think about solar shingles – roof shingles, more I am amazed by their simplicity and elegance. The main idea is nothing new. Roof shingles have been roofing buildings for many thousands of years, already. What is new is just idea of using the roof surface for producing electricity. And that electricity is green, environmentally sustainable.

Just, try to imagine, what is the combined surface of all roofs of all buildings on this planet???
That must be a really huge number. I suppose, nobody really possesses this information. But, this fact is not important, at all. What is important is, that with solar shingles, we've got perfect opportunity for producing green electricity. We don't need any additional surface. We are simply using existing one. That I call: Simply and Elegant solution.

There are also some historical and very special buildings, where the application/installment of solar power shingles, wouldn't have been appropriate, not to ruin their exquisite appearance.
Such, 'nationally protected' buildings are quite rare. All the rest is opportunity, which calls, to be replaced by solar roof shingles.

Again, simplicity and elegance of design, application and purpose.

We really need to take climate change, caused by CO2 over-pollution, much more seriousely, or we are going to pay a shockingly high price.

I found these wonderful photos of solar roof shingles, created by Eastpole on Flickr, today. Thanks!

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