Is Free Solar Power just a 'scam'?

It seems, that many influential people still take a term "Free Solar Power", just as a cheap 'scam', used as 'a spin' by green interest groups or other environmentalists.

What about facts?
1.We are still spending tens of $billions for oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, on a daily basis.
2.We are still massively destroying our living space, living forms and ourselves on Earth, on a daily basis.
3.Our Sun is constantly sending to Earth much more solar energy from the center of our solar system, than we need to cover our ALL energy needs, on a daily basis.

I am going to leave the final decision, if 'Free solar power is just a cheap scam?', to you, my dear reader.

Just another provocative question for people:
Is our massive destroying of life forms and living environment on planet Earth a criminal activity?

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