Sunday in pictures, embraced by Free Solar Power

I started this Sunday by reading interesting blogs and watching video of Karen Armstrong's speech about compassion, suggested by Blork Blog.

I couldn't resist not to go outdoor to be embraced by warm, free, soft and velvety Solar Power, which I am so passionate to promote, at any occasion which occurs.
Fresh air in these last days of March is going to open new pathways in my mind of how to promote free, endless solar power in comparison with hundreds of $billions, which OUR governments are spending to cover up old nuclear waste of old nuclear power plants.

They could do so much better in spending just a fraction of that money by investing in improving efficiency rate of modern solar cells, panels, shingles, etc., and in lowering the overall cost of production of these solar power devices.

Remember, solar power is free and endless.

Photo by Felix Francis Thanks!
Photos by angela7dreams Thanks!
Photo by Nicholas_T Thanks!

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