Government renounced Highly Radioactive Material as Clean, Safe and Friendly


Britain's Business and Enterprise Secretary John Hutton said, that nuclear energy:
1. is safe
2. clean
3. good for the environment

Has he done his homework and spend a month in close proximity to Highly Radioactive Nuclear Material, yet, as he should have done, before he had renounced highly radioactive material as clean, safe and good for the environment.

Such a lie on public expense. Such a denial of physical facts. Such a disgrace to the natural science and rational thinking.

The Bill for clearing up Highly Radioactive Material from old nuclear power plants is going to be higher than $150 billion. Taxpayers money is going to be spend for covering up old nuclear rubbish, instead for real people and their needs.

And here is another series of nuclear power plants...even before, the bill for old nuclear power plants was cleared.

Not a word about free and endless solar power. Not a word about our vast roof surface, which could home solar power shingles and produce free electricity for good.

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