A Radioactive Cat triggered a Dirty Bomb alarm

...Little cat, sitting in fast driving car had caused a nuclear threat...

Just as an interesting intermezzo between a boxing match, where Free Solar Power fights against Dirty Nuclear Power for the Energy Rule over the Earth. Solar Power is losing, badly, due to our governments and political leaders, worldwide.

Deadly Dangerous Highly Radioactive Material, which fuels nuclear power stations, is unreasonably supported by governments on behalf of the heavy tens of $billions of Tax Payers money. Nuclear lobby also invest in media and all individual or public decision making processes as much as it could to preserve the existence, running and future prosperity of this Huge Dirty Nuclear Businesses.

There was a sick Cat with cancer, which had been treated by radiological therapy in hospital, a few days ago. While driving beside very sensitive radiation sensors the cat triggered them and the car was stopped for a check up. Read more...
SlashDot Disscusion forum about this radioactive cat
Photo by tanakawho

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