Paris Hilton and a Fashionable Science of Solar Power

In the high flying academic world of natural sciences, there is also a rule of the Fashionable Brands. More the particular brand is fashionable, more money it attracts. More money it attracts, more scientists join that 'Science Brand Wagon'. More scientists 'produce' more new discoveries and the circle is closed.

Who are the direct creators of Fashionable Science Brands/Departments/Topics:

1. Large Media Houses (TV, Press, Web sites), which are able to address tens or even hundreds of millions of people. Their direct impact to people's thinking is really immense. The media recipe: repeat, repeat, repeat in all multimedia forms.
2. Governments of G8 countries by their budget spending structure. In other words, 'the money talks and attracts.'
3. The American President by His influence as the leader of the free world.
4. World Top Celebrities, such as: Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin/Larry Page, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, etc.

How one could create a 'Harvesting of Solar Power' as an 'Ultra Fashionable Natural Science', which could truly save the world of burning fossil fuels and excessive CO2?

1. To ask and to remind the American President in addressing the threat of the World Climate Change
2. To challenge Prime Ministers of each government, who are the first individuals in charge of any country's budget
3. To challenge editors and directors of Large Media Houses
4. To constantly remind World Top Celebrities about their 'leading role' in betterment of this world

Solar Power is Free and Endless. It doesn't pollute the environment. Our roofs are still empty and are hardly waiting to get a nice company of solar roof shingles or old fashioned solar panels to produce green electricity.

Photo by clownfish
Photo by Alex CD

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