There is 'a born leader' for the future of our planet and wider use of solar power energy

There is no successful projects in human history without powerful and charismatic leaders.
A leader, a person is urgently needed to lead any creative process. Here, we are talking about seeking a solution for environmental disaster on Earth, caused by human. We had already wiped out tens of thousands of different species of animals and plants. A human is a truly successful destroyer - a real 'Terminator' of any form of life, really. Instead of creating and sharing experiences, we are destroying and forgetting what is life all about?

But, who can be a leader in this polarized and totally corrupt world, where only the power of money or strategic weapons count?

Oh, yes, there is one leader out there, who is still powerful, respected and charismatic enough to introduce solar power shingles, the power of wind, amazing geothermal resources, tidal power, etc. to the world. This leader has been constantly making big political mistakes worldwide, causing millions of deaths, but still, this entity is simply the only solution for this planet.

EU/Europe? EU - Europe is rather fighting about which language to use for its own communication and how much euros of subsidy, each European cow should receive per year, instead of dealing with real world issues. Fighting about the name of Parmesan cheese, prosciutto ham, champagne, spaghetti, wine Tokay, Lipizzaner horses and spending billions of Euros on the way for nothing is certainly not the recipe for our brighter future. EU failed, totally, simply because their politicians managed to loose the trust of European citizens, completely. Just a bunch of arguing grown-ups in European parliament, there in Brussels.
They proposed European constitution, which was flatly rejected by voters. Now they are trying to trick/con citizens by introducing 'European Treaty', which is just a former proposal of rejected constitution, written in much less understandable, diplomatic form, to trick their own people. Now, they are refusing the same people the right to vote about this treaty. Well, as far as I know, such deception is just not going to work in the era of speed Internet. Europe, as one of the wealthiest places on Earth, measured by money and living standard, is still far away from solar power shingles and other environmental green solutions, totally lost in internal political fights.

Japan? Japan is truly successful and well developed, but is Japan powerful and influential enough to change the world? Clearly not. Japan is certainly going to be involved in the process of technological and financial addressing of energy and environmental issues, because of its true technological, organizational/logistics and financial superpower, but it certainly not going to be a leader of this process.

Russia? New democratic Russia is still seeking for its internal and external enemies, rather than using its power for the good of its own people. For the oil sake, Russia is getting financially much stronger, as it was in the past, but that wealth is not used enough for investment in general and scientific education, general infrastructure, encouraging non-corrupted business culture, their own cultural activities, international co-operations, addressing own environmental issues, etc. Russia simply doesn't have enough will to address environmental issues, inland and worldwide.

China? There is almost no word about environment, Eco-sustainability, green renewable energy, green planning in China, but numbers, endless high growth and profit. Only, to produce more, to earn more, to collect more, to conquer more, to concentrate more...China is simply 'not mature enough', as it had already been as a superpower, thousands of years ago, to be a world leader in energy/environmental issues. China is environmentally destroying itself at such a rate, that it is truly shocking and quite amazing, of what its leaders are thinking about?

India? Too many languages to communicate fast and smoothly, to many cultural differences for faster changes and adaptability to new ways of 'environmental thinking', and generally far to underdeveloped basic infrastructure.

But, somebody needs to lead world Eco-movement, otherwise we or our children are all going to die, soon, because of totally new weather conditions and substantial rise in temperature.

There was a dream out there, called 'an American Dream', many years ago. I can hear shouts all around me...Don't talk rubbish, mate! American Dream is dead.
Is an American Dream still alive? Many media say, no, but I am telling you, there is just one answer to saving/rescuing the world against our environmental catastrophe: 'an American Dream II'. American Dream as 'an institution'. American dram which created oil corporations, steel corporations, railways, financial industry, car and other heavy industry. That all started with an American Dream I. All extensive pollution and environmental changes started with an American Dream I, too. And now, it is the time for 'an American Dream II'.

There were amazing projects in the past, such as Manhattan, Marshall plan, conquering the moon, etc.
We just need another truly challenging project called 'Earth', for example, which is going to challenge most of the positive potentials of world society.

Why USA?
Only one language, only 'one form' of communication, fast communication, developed infrastructure, the best educational and academic institutions, the best technical research institutions, the biggest and the most advanced corporations, the most concentrated capital on Earth (human, knowledge,money), far the superior military power on Earth, and on, and on, and on...
But, that's not the point. The main point of any successful project is in the leader. And who could be that leader?
American president.
Two plain words. We need no more. American president. There is no one else, out there, but him/her.
He/she is the only person, who could change the world environmental catastrophe to better, to switch to self sustainable development and to save the life on our planet Earth.

Our future is bright.


Future is bright for solar power shingles and other solar technology

We could say that future is bright for solar power shingles and other solar technology, because there is rally not many other viable ways of tackling crucial climate and environmental issues, which are endangering the life of all living creatures on Earth, including us. Absolutely all threats were caused by humans in last 100 years of industrial development on totally non-sustainable basis.

Very high prices of oil and other fossil fuels and its derivatives are here to stay and to rise even further. We could also predict many international political clashes and wars, because of huge lack of old fashion - conventional energy resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, water.
Alarmingly booming nations of China, India, Brazil and other developing countries need more and more energy in any form, every single day.
They urgently need more energy, no matter the pollution and other very negative environmental effects. They are seeking for the cheapest option to fulfill their huge energy demands, and power plants that burn coal, oil and natural gas, are the easiest option. There is no word and no planing about solar shingles, wind power, geothermal resources, tidal power, within those countries, what leads us to conclusion, that somebody else needs to lead the solar movement.
All these power plants and millions of new vehicles every year are pouring millions of tons of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
And in this way, we could simply just dream about cutting carbon emissions, worldwide. The shear reality of 'dirty power producing plants' is truly catastrophic.
Somebody else needs to lead world ECO-movement.

Obviously politicians has been failing totally, started with the most influential ones such as American and Russian presidents, China's Communist party leaders, prime ministers of European countries, India's PM, Japan's PM, and the list goes on and on. Without them, everything what scientists invent/ed and create/ed and environmentalists promote and 'scream about', have an absolutely no impact on real world.

In our next article we are going to address - to name the entity, which needs to lead the world to its brighter future, to the future of solar power shingles, solar power plants, use of wind, use of geothermal resources, tidal power, etc.
There is a power out there, which could quite easily address this important move in human behavior, move from self destruction to self sustainable way of life on Earth.
Our future is bright, until we believe in...


Renewable Energy Solutions - 15 years of real practical experiences

Solar power, solar shingles, solar heat, solar investments ...all those terms, could be so frustrating sometimes.
It looks as the high science and that is so very far away of an average 'Joe', who I certainly am.
I am always looking for simple solutions, which work and are cost/price conscious/friendly. If it is quite simple.
If the cost is too high I simply can't afford it, so I just skip the reading.
If it is too complicated for me to understand fast and to comprehend deeply, I just stop reading.
If the project is not profitable on long term basis, I just skip it, because I have no excess money to constantly pour it into 'the gadget' to run smoothly.

After quite a long time of searching for an easy, simple, affordable and working ways to tackle my environmental issues, I finally came across this wonderful book.
It's about 15 years of real practical experiences of one real family. Even, though you are never going to use their direct practical advices in your life, I am very sure you general knowledge would get so much new fresh facts and there is also a view into somebody else life, who had already done it in the 'Green Field'. I am sure you would agree, that the family priced their book very moderately.
Somebody, who is doing it every single day, really, and who is carefully writing about it. I could say, 'I am one of their funs and supporters', because they managed to open so many new aspects in my life, too.
For more info about the book click here.


Solar power conference 2008 in San Diego, California OCT 13-16

Solar power industry is getting stronger and stronger every day. Every year more $billions are invested in this industry and thousands of people are getting new jobs, within. Hundreds of new inventions and patents are created by rapidly growing number of scientists in this department. More and more lesions in school system worldwide are taught about this topic. We could say that solar power is constantly penetrating in our every day life.
Solar Power 2008 is the international exhibition, where solar business takes place. If you have a professional or personal interest in any particular form of solar energy, this exhibition has lots to offer your business and also to your own knowledge and understanding of this department.

Organizer says:
'Whether you just walk the show floor to talk to hundreds of exhibitors or you attend the conference sessions to learn about the latest market, policy, finance and technology happenings in the industry, you'll walk away with invaluable information and relationships.'

Presented by Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) As a non-profit organization with 175 members, the Solar Electric Power Association's mission is to facilitate utility use and integration of solar.
exhibition link


Solar power shingles are our future (and present, if you apply them)

There is no chance you miss a point with decission about solar power shingles in your house, company, community, government building.

Investment in solar power shingles is:
  • profitable
  • long term
  • it makes you truly energy independent considering your personal needs for electric energy
  • it makes you much safer (no more total blackouts)
  • it is ECO sustainable and ECO friendly (friendly to your environment)
  • it very actively promotes practical every day solutions about global warming threat to other citizens
  • it shows your real concern about future of your children


Solar power shingles and new Microsoft of the future

Many financial experts (managers of big international investment funds) believe, that within the climate change funds we may find the Microsoft of the future.
Solar power shingles, other solar technology, wind power turbines and hundreds of other ECO - sustainable business opportunities are entering the real world market.
Only in the US, many 'fresh' solar companies raised $702m of early stage venture capital funding (VC), compared with $181m in 2006. That means 387% rise in a year!
Other CLEAN ENERGY asset financing raised $54.5bn in a year.
Experts say, that this industry could sustain growth rates of over 20% per year for more than 20 years.

My personal comment: I am not really so interested in making money through investments, but what I could learn from that financial facts is, that 'the big money guys' have already entered the solar shingles market, and that means it all be even more interesting, powerful, exciting and Eco-friendly to our nature - to ourselves. That is a good news.


Arizona guy's advice about solar power shingles and batteries for power storage

Batteries are certainly one of the most important parts of any home or public solar power shingles generating system. They need our utmost attention. They are a regular cause of problems and additional costs, if chosen inappropriately.

If there is a chance to choose the batteries which are genuinely maintenance free, go for it, and I could guarantee, you are 'going to sleep much better'.

A technical guy from Arizona suggested 'Concorde SunXtender Batteries'.
These are completely sealed, genuinely maintenance free, Deep Cycle batteries. They use the Absorbed Glass Mat Technology. They are tough, nearly indestructible. He uses them in his portable solar systems. He also suggests them for an option of 'backup battery bank', to which the excess power/electricity could be directed, when the primary one is topped off.
A deep cycle battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. It can provide a surge when needed. It is also designed to be deeply discharged over and over again.

Some useful Links:


Bob's personal solar shingles experiences in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

This is truly one of the most passionate approaches, I've ever seen, of how to exploit power of solar energy for producing electricity for family needs - needs of a ranch style home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Bob's Blog is quite extensive and there are very many practical solutions for some problems, which could occur to anyone on her/his path to obtain own sustainable energy supply. Bob's approach is really so very personal and pragmatic and he wasn't hiding anything, what had happened to his project for the purpose of promoting potential sale of any product related to his project.
Bob's solar shingles project finished in August, 2006.
Yuo can read more about

Very good news for all of us in 2008 is, that:
  • characteristics of solar power shingles, batteries and other parts of our own potential solar energy system are even higher
  • the prices of most parts of the solar system are LOWER, than in 2006.

All that means, that
  • we get more electric power out of our solar shingles system for the same amount of money as Bob gets, which means, that we could reach economic break even point of the project of our own electric energy supply, much faster.

Because, the prices of implementation of solar power shingles are getting lower, more and more individuals, companies and other groups are going to see solar shingles as a very viable energy supply.
The trend of buying more and more solar shingles is going to lower the prices, even more, because of market competition and new inventions (even stronger, longer life cycle, cheaper production).

I studied Bob's blog a bit more thoroughly and deeper than ususally and in NEXT POST I am going to present an elegant solution for problems with batteries, Bob had experienced, but a guy from Arizona had managed to solve in a very elegant way.


New World Record Achieved In Solar Cell Technology

This news came almost 2 years ago and it is still very significant for our much more green and clean energy production in future.
Solar shingles as a tool for substantially lowering our carbon footprint, are here NOW.
Solar shingles not only lower our carbon footprint, but they make us (our home, business, community) very independent, considering our electricity supply and potential power blackout.

From Science Daily:
(Dec. 7, 2006)
— U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner has announced that with DOE funding, a concentrator solar cell produced by Boeing-Spectrolab has recently achieved a world-record conversion efficiency of 40.7 percent, establishing a new milestone in sunlight-to-electricity performance. This breakthrough may lead to systems with an installation cost of only $3 per watt, producing electricity at a cost of 8-10 cents per kilowatt/hour, making solar electricity a more cost-competitive and integral part of our nation's energy mix.
Source: Science Daily

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