Bob's personal solar shingles experiences in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

This is truly one of the most passionate approaches, I've ever seen, of how to exploit power of solar energy for producing electricity for family needs - needs of a ranch style home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Bob's Blog is quite extensive and there are very many practical solutions for some problems, which could occur to anyone on her/his path to obtain own sustainable energy supply. Bob's approach is really so very personal and pragmatic and he wasn't hiding anything, what had happened to his project for the purpose of promoting potential sale of any product related to his project.
Bob's solar shingles project finished in August, 2006.
Yuo can read more about

Very good news for all of us in 2008 is, that:
  • characteristics of solar power shingles, batteries and other parts of our own potential solar energy system are even higher
  • the prices of most parts of the solar system are LOWER, than in 2006.

All that means, that
  • we get more electric power out of our solar shingles system for the same amount of money as Bob gets, which means, that we could reach economic break even point of the project of our own electric energy supply, much faster.

Because, the prices of implementation of solar power shingles are getting lower, more and more individuals, companies and other groups are going to see solar shingles as a very viable energy supply.
The trend of buying more and more solar shingles is going to lower the prices, even more, because of market competition and new inventions (even stronger, longer life cycle, cheaper production).

I studied Bob's blog a bit more thoroughly and deeper than ususally and in NEXT POST I am going to present an elegant solution for problems with batteries, Bob had experienced, but a guy from Arizona had managed to solve in a very elegant way.

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