Renewable Energy Solutions - 15 years of real practical experiences

Solar power, solar shingles, solar heat, solar investments ...all those terms, could be so frustrating sometimes.
It looks as the high science and that is so very far away of an average 'Joe', who I certainly am.
I am always looking for simple solutions, which work and are cost/price conscious/friendly. If it is quite simple.
If the cost is too high I simply can't afford it, so I just skip the reading.
If it is too complicated for me to understand fast and to comprehend deeply, I just stop reading.
If the project is not profitable on long term basis, I just skip it, because I have no excess money to constantly pour it into 'the gadget' to run smoothly.

After quite a long time of searching for an easy, simple, affordable and working ways to tackle my environmental issues, I finally came across this wonderful book.
It's about 15 years of real practical experiences of one real family. Even, though you are never going to use their direct practical advices in your life, I am very sure you general knowledge would get so much new fresh facts and there is also a view into somebody else life, who had already done it in the 'Green Field'. I am sure you would agree, that the family priced their book very moderately.
Somebody, who is doing it every single day, really, and who is carefully writing about it. I could say, 'I am one of their funs and supporters', because they managed to open so many new aspects in my life, too.
For more info about the book click here.

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