Solar power conference 2008 in San Diego, California OCT 13-16

Solar power industry is getting stronger and stronger every day. Every year more $billions are invested in this industry and thousands of people are getting new jobs, within. Hundreds of new inventions and patents are created by rapidly growing number of scientists in this department. More and more lesions in school system worldwide are taught about this topic. We could say that solar power is constantly penetrating in our every day life.
Solar Power 2008 is the international exhibition, where solar business takes place. If you have a professional or personal interest in any particular form of solar energy, this exhibition has lots to offer your business and also to your own knowledge and understanding of this department.

Organizer says:
'Whether you just walk the show floor to talk to hundreds of exhibitors or you attend the conference sessions to learn about the latest market, policy, finance and technology happenings in the industry, you'll walk away with invaluable information and relationships.'

Presented by Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) As a non-profit organization with 175 members, the Solar Electric Power Association's mission is to facilitate utility use and integration of solar.
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