Future is bright for solar power shingles and other solar technology

We could say that future is bright for solar power shingles and other solar technology, because there is rally not many other viable ways of tackling crucial climate and environmental issues, which are endangering the life of all living creatures on Earth, including us. Absolutely all threats were caused by humans in last 100 years of industrial development on totally non-sustainable basis.

Very high prices of oil and other fossil fuels and its derivatives are here to stay and to rise even further. We could also predict many international political clashes and wars, because of huge lack of old fashion - conventional energy resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, water.
Alarmingly booming nations of China, India, Brazil and other developing countries need more and more energy in any form, every single day.
They urgently need more energy, no matter the pollution and other very negative environmental effects. They are seeking for the cheapest option to fulfill their huge energy demands, and power plants that burn coal, oil and natural gas, are the easiest option. There is no word and no planing about solar shingles, wind power, geothermal resources, tidal power, within those countries, what leads us to conclusion, that somebody else needs to lead the solar movement.
All these power plants and millions of new vehicles every year are pouring millions of tons of pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
And in this way, we could simply just dream about cutting carbon emissions, worldwide. The shear reality of 'dirty power producing plants' is truly catastrophic.
Somebody else needs to lead world ECO-movement.

Obviously politicians has been failing totally, started with the most influential ones such as American and Russian presidents, China's Communist party leaders, prime ministers of European countries, India's PM, Japan's PM, and the list goes on and on. Without them, everything what scientists invent/ed and create/ed and environmentalists promote and 'scream about', have an absolutely no impact on real world.

In our next article we are going to address - to name the entity, which needs to lead the world to its brighter future, to the future of solar power shingles, solar power plants, use of wind, use of geothermal resources, tidal power, etc.
There is a power out there, which could quite easily address this important move in human behavior, move from self destruction to self sustainable way of life on Earth.
Our future is bright, until we believe in...

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