Solar Power Future in spite resistence of Government

Efficiency rate of solar cells - solar panels -solar power shingles - solar roof shingles is about 10%, up to 15%.
This number is still a very impressive result, if we consider that solar power is absolutely FREE of charge.

You buy solar power devices once and use them for many, many years to come.

There is a group of scientists, who set a clear goal to reach 50% rate of efficiency of solar power, which is going to dramatically improve the performance of any form of exploration of solar power (solar-roof shingles, satellite power devices, large surface solar panels for solar power plants, solar curtains, etc). They have succeeded!

50 % of efficiency is truly an amazing result! It means 500% jump in an efficiency rate. 500%!!!

Background of this 'efficiency research' success:
- one, clearly set goal: to achieve 50% efficiency of solar power cells
- small, committed and focused team of scientists and students
- $13 million investment

Could you imagine how many more, amazing and environmentally friendly scientific results/breakthroughs could be achieved by $150 billion, which will be wasted for covering/clearing up old nuclear rubbish, just in UK alone?

Let us see: $150.000 million/13 = 11.538

More than 11.000 scientific research projects out of the money, which is going to be 'wasted' for our past nuclear sins!!!


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