Petrol Crashed through the $10 per gallon in Britain

Petrol prices are constantly reaching record marks and they have climbed to the highest mark in the entire history of modern society! Patrol finally broke the mark of $10 (£5) per gallon in Britain
That is just a 'dry' news, nothing really new, what we could not have predicted before, however this fact is very painful for our consumer's pocket and for the health of national economy.

Solar Power and other renewable energy sources are Free of charge and absolutely Endless. Full stop. Obviously that is not a fact for our politicians, who are in charge and who are responsible for the economic condition of our country.

There will be NO economic growth, because of ludicrous oil prices and high inflation rate and we all know very well, what does that mean. It means a Crisis. A big economic crisis, because of dirty, stinky oil, we are all so very much addicted to.
Our politicians, such as George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are simply 'madly in love' with Oil. They worship the Oil at every possible occasion.
They have done absolutely their best to keep the prices constantly rising by using all military power of their countries for their selfish personal interests in Oil lobby. They almost bankrupted their countries by playing war games just to keep oil prices rising for their personal interests.

On this pages I am rising awareness considering wider use of solar power and other renewable energy sources, which could absolutely replace expensive and dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material.

Algerian energy minister Chakib Khelil, high representative of the Opec oil cartel, has predicted, that the price of oil is soon going to reach $200 per barrel.
How much more 'oily facts and high numbers' do we need to see and to feel, that we are going to choose renewable energy, such as wind power, solar power, geothermal, etc.?

The government could cut the prices of solar panels, solar shingles, other photovoltaic devices, wind farms, geothermal power plants by at least 50% by very few, short and simple decisions, considering its own departments, and some 'closed deals' with existing technological corporations, if only its political leaders would have wanted to.
The government could double the efficiency rates of solar cells and consequently absolutely all photovoltaics devices on the market by a few, short and simple decisions and some 'closed deals', if only its political leaders would have wanted to.

I still believe, that our solar powered future is bright.

Photo by Asadbabil Thanks!

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