My Solar Power Choice these days

Every morning, the sun light starts a new day. It is happening for billions of years, every single day. It starts as a bright, or a rainy, or a cloudy morning.
Light brings us new, fresh solar energy, which could also be used for absolutely all our energy needs, if used properly. Why, then we prefer oil, gas, coal, nuclear, which they all cost us so very much and are also causing a catastrophic pollution of our beautiful blue planet?

My personal choice of using renewable and free solar power these days would include:

1. solar shingles - solar tiles - roof shingles, which are totally integrated into roof structure
solar panels, placed tightly on the roof surface or to the frame off the house

2. solar heat collector-s for producing hot/warm water

These two solar systems have to be integrated in an optimal way and controlled by central computer and software, which is very easy to use and to program by any adult family member.

I want to be as practical as possible and for that reason, I could also stick to solar panels, instead of solar roof shingles, which I prefer otherwise. Changing almost entire roof structure for installing solar shingles into roof structure is quite a project, which is maybe, not very viable, if the old-current roof shingles are still in a very good condition. In such a case, I would choose solar panels to achieve better final financial result, at the end of the day.

Solar heat collectors are very optimized and highly efficient devices for producing hot water, these days, and really cheap and useful long term, green - energy sustainable technology.
Making hot water to cover household needs represents a large proportion of family energy consumption, and there is really nothing more useful and profitable, than solar heat collectors.

Any application of these devices for harnessing free energy of our sun could substantially offset family's carbon footprint, and actively support efforts against global warming and climate changes.

The solar light is simply amazing reality and its use for generating free electricity or hot water pays off, unconditionally.

Photo by Linda N. Thanks!


  1. I'm researching this product to possibly install at my house. I have a few questions for you; I hope you'll answer.
    What is the brand name of the solar shingles? How much money can you estimate to make or sell back to the electric company. I think the credit in my state is $0.15 per kWh. I'm more interested to talk to people who have experience than a sales person. Thanks.
    Lacy D. jd_ld4ut@bellsouth.net

  2. Lacy, thanks for your question. I sent you a private email, because the topic is too specialized to write about it here.


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