Celebration Time for Free Solar Power in Britain

Solar power is going to have much brighter future in Britain, after fantastic defeat of Labour political party on local elections, yesterday. Who would have taught, that Labour leaders have so vigorously supported the most dirty energy sources and technologies and represented the strongest opposition to renewable energy sources in UK. Even a few days ago, the Labour party led by Gordon Brown voted against wider support to renewable energy in British parliament.

Thank Goodness, people have had enough of lies and hundreds of wasted $billions by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and other high Labor politicians.
There is also a new celebrity on the political scene in London. Newly elected mayor, who defeated former major Ken Livingstone, is Boris Johnson, a candidate, who was loudly supported by David Cameron, new, young, charismatic and very promising leader of Conservative party.

Sadly, the success of wider application of renewable and environmentally sustainable energy sources almost entirely lies in the hands of the highest politicians. Ruling political party could far too easily block any environmentally friendly activity, even though, the country urgently needs its energy independence and massive cut of CO2 pollution.

I could proudly say, that PM Gordon Brown is not going to have enough political power and reputation to stop faster and wider introduction of free and endless solar power, in the form of solar panels, solar shingles - tiles, heat collectors and the use of vast number of empty roofs for power generation, any more.

Photo by Ben Scicluna Thanks!

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