Oil Lobby controls Solar Power Market worldwide

Money makes the world goes round.
Power makes the world buys oil at the price of $116 per barrel.
Power makes the oil corporations control development of the solar power market.

It is so very funny and predictable. Shell and BP, two from the group of the biggest Oil corporations, who are financially more powerful than many smaller world countries together, are totally controlling what is happening in the photovoltaics market.
They have just added 'green color' to their names, they have written some new green marketing material, and they are 'promoting' use of renewable energy by selling products from this field.

What a spin? What a hypocrisy? The Biggest and the Cruelest Tigers from the oil field arena are playing with innocent sheep, with absolutely no intention to harm it???
Do you still believe in ferry tales in 2008? They control the renewable market for the purpose of controlling the speed and the direction of environmental changes in the world.
They know very well, that they cannot stop changes in the world energy market, however it is quite easy to almost totally control 'the world solar game', by financially control the business itself and through the business also control speed and direction of happenings in this field of technology.

Oil corporations have never ever earning so much money out of their businesses as in this very moment. The price of oil has been quadrupled in recent years. The price of $116 per barrel is 'the price to kill for,' for any serous company. Any businessman is going to do almost anything to stay in this business for as long as possible, even though, if he/she would have needed to invest money a bit to the left and a bit to the right in the world market, expressed form the position of the car driver, to preserve the sheer amount of oil profits.
This 'left' and 'right' markets also contain markets of renewable energy and companies, which are present, there.

I could really play both roles:
- defending activities of powerful oil corporations
- writing about dirty plans of powerful oil corporations of how to preserve their sheer power and vast range of the world's oil market
I could have been both, if I wanted to. I am an average Joe, an average citizen, who could even take money from oil business, to write nicely about its environmental concern and how very much they all support new green technologies of solar cells, panels, shingles, heat absorbers, wind farms, geothermal, tidal, etc., and be quite content about it.

But, not the American President, nor the British Prime Minister and other top politicians. They were elected and they were sworn to bring as good service to their citizens as possible.
They have crippled their countries economies, they have supported the price of oil up to the sky, they have additionally endangered national security by not making their countries totally energy independent by using endless and free renewable energy sources, they have pushed thousands of young lives into the bloody war, etc.
Far too much for a good taste Mr.President, far too much for a good taste Mr.Prime Minister, far too much for all that wasted $trillions£ of taxpayers money.

Photo by RedMonkeyVirus Thanks!

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