Solar Roof which works just very fine for Carol

I found this video about use of solar power roof very educational. It shows, how the solar panels - shingles work in real life in covering electricity needs of one family. Alden Hathaway, an energy expert and his wife Carol live in Londoun County near Hillsboro,Virginia, USA. They said: 'If one in every four houses in Virginia were solar powered, our power needs would be cut in half.'

Real examples, which show the practical use of solar photovoltaic or solar heating devices are most of the time so much more interesting for people to watch and to talk about, than pure scientific theory, even though there would have been no such useful renewable energy sources, without old fashioned science.
If one possesses enough basic mathematical-physics knowledge, spiced by inorganic and organic chemistry, scientific research could be so extremely interesting and life challenging to completely occupy the person and to determine her/his life path.

I wonder, what kind of thoughts travel through your mind, when you watch such a video?

Solar Power in the form of heat or light is endless and absolutely free of charge.


  1. A good video. I'm into solar power especially when used to heat water for warming tapwater or warming the house in winter, early spring and late autumn.
    In the small youtube window I found more videos of this interesting man:

  2. So many items are becoming solar powered, it will be awesome to watch where else solar will be placed!


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