Power Boost for Solar Power Shingles

Solar Power and renewable energy sources have finally become popular topics in scientific world and also in a highly risky, but very rewarding venture capital business world (VC). Venture Capital business already feels the direction, where the new chances for future business opportunities are, which could bring outstanding rewards for their high risk investments.

Many teams of scientists and technicians all over the world are researching new ways of extracting, concentrating, transporting, etc. the power out of renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources. Great achievements in the 'solar power department' are introduced almost every month.

Efficiency rate of solar cells as basic building unit of the most solar power applications/devices is constantly growing.
The cost of applications of solar cells into different forms, which could be used for harvesting solar power are constantly falling.

Final products on the solar power market and their installation is becoming more and more attractive, because of 2 main factors:
- lower price
- higher efficiency rate

We have already seen the great jump in efficiency rate of solar roof shingles, solar panels and other solar power devices from 10% to 20%. That means 100% more power! The same surface as before produces twice the amount of electricity!
That achievement means, that we could apply just a half of the surface as before, to achieve the same power/electricity output result, or that our power shingled or paneled roof produces twice as much power as usually, on the same surface.

In other words, the improvement of the efficiency rate of solar power devices by 100% from 10% to 20%, respectively, has managed to cut the final price of installation for the same power output by 50pc - half, just by default. But, there are many other advantages, too.

Photo by jigedine Thanks!

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  1. I love how solar technology has grown so quickly!


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