Why should I care about Free Solar Power?

It is free of charge.
It is endless (at least for some billion of years).
It doesn't pollute our environment.
It doesn't need expensive clearing up and expensive storage, such as nuclear or coal or oil.
You don't need to care about it, it is silent and it makes money for you.

These are just five points of advantages in using solar power for producing renewable electricity or heat in comparison to coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants. There are many, more.

It is really so simple.
We only need to comprehend, that we(our children) are going to endanger all live species of this planet, if we are not going to change our bad attitude towards our precious environment - our living space.

The most important activity we all should do is to 'press very hard' to our leading politicians, who are responsible for spending national budget and consequently our present and future.
They posses the power of resources (laws; standards; national bank; agencies; enforcement structures, such as army, police, intelligence agencies, expert knowledge, educational institutions, etc.)

Only the leading politicians with Name and Surname can make big changes on the field of renewable energy sources, almost overnight, if they wanted.

I believe, it is very worthwhile to change the opinion of our leading politicians about solar power, very soon. If not for us, let's do it for our children!

Photo by Gustty Thanks!

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