A Little Portugal is an Astonishing Solar Power User

The header says it. Portugal has embraced free and endless solar power, wind power, hydro power, wave and tidal power and is heading towards 50pc of electric power produced by renewable energy sources.

It almost knocked my socks off, when I heard, that a tinny and not so wealthy country as Portugal, already covers more than 40pc of their electricity production with renewable energy sources! Well, that was in 2007 and this percentage is constantly rising.

Just try to compare this percentage with rich USA, Britain and other G8 countries and one could easily ask a question, 'What is truly happening in government departments in those rich and developed countries?'
Officially, they are spending $billions, like fresh chocolate donuts with cream, for numerous 'technical expert analysis'. Is it all just a total spin 'a la Tony Blair and Gordon Brown' style, where you spend $£billions in PR, marketing and for consultants fees, which final results are news of how the government is doing so very well. Are they really so very sleazy? Do they have their own children? Do they care for their children's future, at all?

They have also pronounced Highly Radioactive Material as safe and they have given a green light for the new series of Nuclear Power Plants in Britain, even though the old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants hasn't been cleared, yet for the price of $150 billion (£75 billion)???

Does Gordon Brown know, what would have been a share of renewable energy sources, if he would have spent $150 billion for Free Solar power, Free Wind power, Free Tidal power, Free Wave power, Free Sea Currents, Free Geothermal, Free Energy Saving Tips, Free Laws about Chemical, Noise, Plastic Pollution?
Does Gordon Brown know, how much safer would have been Great Britain with renewable energy sources introduced on time, while he was the Big Boss of Public Purse?
It is his duty to know, but he obviously ignores all that.

$150 billion (£75 billion) just for Old Nuclear waste/rubbish? Well done PM!

And all those Tax Payers $trillions spent in the total destruction of Iraq for old Oil interests to bring Oil Prices even higher?
Instead of being invested in Clean, Free and Endless Renewable Energy sources in USA, to make the country totally free of dirty old tricks of Oil Cartels and Big Money Interest Groups, which are playing with record energy prices.

Where is the American Democratic Intellect, which had inspired the great fall of Communism? Does it not work so well at its own homeland?

Story from:
Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate, a professor of economics at Columbia University said:
'In adding up the quantifiable costs of the war, it is hard not to come up with a number in excess of $3 trillion. In putting a $3 trillion price tag on the war, we believe we have been excessively conservative - a $4 or $5 trillion tag would be more reasonable. And remember - this is just the cost for America.'

National Security, National Security, National Security, ...and on, and on
just bla, bla, bla, words, empty words, words to cover up

If anyone wants to make a country really safe energy wise, invest in Free and Endless Renewable, such as Solar power, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Wave, Sea Currents, Energy Efficiency, Pollution prevention and control, etc.
And you could forget about dirty oil, dirty gas, dirty coal, deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material, for ever!

But, what, if The Boss is the Big owner of the Oil Interests? Well, we need to wait for the new one, who is going to have more clean conscience.......

The future is Bright for Free and Endless Solar Power!

Photo by renrut Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for showing me this article. It´s nice to know we (Portuguese) are heading the right way ;)

    Great blog, btw. I´ll return to read more and learn.

    Have fun!


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