Who Can Make An Offer You Cannot Refuse about Solar Power?

Human has endangered such a beautiful species by not using Renewable Energy sources.
Our grandfathers, fathers and finally we, are polluting this wonderful blue planet at such a rate, that thousands of animal and plant species have been extincting for many years.

Sharks are living on Earth in a very similar shape for more than 450 million years. Try to comprehend this number of 450 million years, when you are going to pollute your living space by plastic waste, chemical substances, noise, green gases and highly radioactive material. Try to think a bit about Endless Solar Power and other Renewable Energy sources. Just to think about it is a good start to change of our behavior a bit later on.

We as humans possess the intellect - the mind, which is high enough to discover the secrets of life and space, yet this very intellect is not in proper use, while deciding basic rules and activities in any society/group/country, people have been living in.

Why dirty oil, gas, coal, nuclear are still playing the main role in energy supply and chemical destruction of our habitat - living space?
Why we still haven't replaced them by renewable, clean energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, use of sea currents, use of tidal power, geothermal, hydrogen, etc.?

Probably, because the leading politicians are not FREE in their important decisions and proposals, which they are making, but influenced or even blackmailed by ultra powerful Oil, Coal and Nuclear lobbies, which obviously control political parties and parliaments.

Do you remember Corleone's words in film Godfather (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino), something like:'I'll make you an offer you cannot refuse.'

Photos by mhedstrom and Wikipedia Thanks!


  1. I reckon all governments are totally controlled by big companies. By the way, have you seen The Corporation? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=192012118972057552

  2. Francois, thank you very much for your video link! It is about truly shocking matter!


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