Oil hits $120 despite Solar Power which is Endless and Free of charge

Last news:

The price of oil has successfully reached $120 per barrel.

There is a panic of patrol supply due to the Union strike in the most important oil refinery in Britain, which counts for 30% of patrol deliveries in UK.

Rebels attacked the Exxon Mobil's oil field in Nigeria and managed to stop the production. Exxon Mobil is one of the world biggest oil producers.

There were tensions between US cargo ship and Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz with warning shoots being fired at Iranian boats. Through this location 2/5 of the world's oil supply flows.

Massive oil demand of India and China is additionally pushes the oil prices up.

Expect further rise of oil prices.

These news are not very promising, though. But, they were very predictable and they are creating massive profits for oil corporations. Until, all economy is almost 100% based on environmentally dirty oil and gas, which have triggered global warming, climate changes and terrible pollution of our planet, we simply do not have any other choice than to agree in paying constantly higher patrol prices.

Solar power is absolutely free of charge and truly endless. Until, we are not going to accept solar power as our reality, opportunity and the solution of all our energy problems, we will struggle with dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive nuclear material of nuclear power plants.

Wind power, tidal power, sea currents are all caused by the power of our sun.

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