Solar Roof Shingles-the wise use of Solar Power

We simply cannot deny the existence of Solar Power. There is no life without it.
Every single hour our planet receives enough solar energy to cover absolutely all energy needs of all people of the world. Every hour, day by day, week by week...
Solar power is truly endless in comparison with our energy consumption. Solar power is absolutely free of charge, as well.

Yet, we rather spend hundreds of $billions to buy oil, gas, coal, nuclear.
Yet, we rather literally destroy our planet and its environment by use of dirty oil, gas, coal and deadly dangerous highly radioactive material.
Yet, we still rather have real bloody wars for oil, than to become energy totally independent entities.

Can any intellectual individual really understand such a behavior?
Let's make our leading politicians think and to contemplate solar power, its unlimited supply and it's environmentally friendly nature.
Let's think about use of our empty roofs and how to place solar roof shingles or solar panels, there, which produce direct electricity. Let's use vast resources of empty roofs to work for us and to work for our endangered environment, as well.

Photo by agahran Thanks!

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