Is the Solar Power Expensive?

(be as cautious about your wallet as possible...and ask many questions, before...)

Solar power is not expensive, especially from the long term standing point.
Very short, but very straight answer.

If you incorporate the efficient, renewable solar system to your house its cost represents about 4% of the overall budget/cost of your house.
However, this little investment of 4% gives you an immediate price premium to the value of your 'solar and energy renewable property' of about 10%.
Speaking 'number wise', your gain is about 6% at the very start of the solar project.

And you are getting an additional gain in lowering your monthly energy bill for days, weeks, years and decades to come.

(There are also rebates and tax credits; constantly growing energy prices; restrictions of pollution levels; energy independence and personal security factor; etc.)

Photo by Piez Thanks!

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