Dirty Oily Destiny or Clean Solar Power

Let the photos speak for itself. Pollution and death. And the price of oil, gas, coal and nuclear is rather high. Better not to mention the cost of clearing up the whole pollution, which is never calculated and mentioned in advance.

Solar Power is everywhere around us.

Why to deny the existance and the value of Clean, Endless and Free Solar Power. Why not to use our roofs and other usless landscapes of this planet for harvesting Solar Power, which is truly endless. And there is NO ENERGY BILLs to pay to our Sun, as we are paying to Oil Corporations.

Solar Power is Endless and Free.

An Internet expert and enterpreneur Francois Harris left a comment with a link suggestion about the movie: 'The Corporation (1)', which made me to post it here, once again. It was very worthwhile to watch the video. Actually, there are 2 videos -The Corporation (2). Pretty long, but very educational. Films were a truly 'eye opener' for the our very situation, as civilization, considering environment and relationships between people and nations. It is really amazing, how top politicians and supreme court judges have been betraying their own people. Human grid is truly endless.

What is the price we are all going to pay, because of such an Appalling Incompetence and Inexplicable Grid?

Renewable Solar Energy is available, now.

Photo by marinephotobank Thanks!
Photo by *L*u*z*a* Thanks!

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