The Roof as the Underutilized Asset of Any House Owner

Let's go back to the very technical point of photovoltaics.
I like Solar Shingles for their simplicity and functionality. I like, how shingles blend the solar modules into the roof and the roof is not a major distraction, as it could appear in the case of a larger solar panels.
There is nothing really new about them. They just combine old roof shingles and a functionality of producing green, renewable solar electricity. Photovoltaic material on their surface gives them ability to directly harness solar power and transform it to electricity. If that could happen on my roof, which otherwise doesn't really support my wallet and my monthly expenses, so much better and I am certainly pay all attention to such a case.

Many countries also offer (Solar Power) Rebates and (Solar) Tax Credits, which could drastically reduce the cost of any home Solar Power System. It is up to everyone to be informed up to date about this government and other institutional incentives.

Solar shingles add the Value and Functionality to your home.
Home with integrated solar power system could reach higher price on the market - Property Price Premium, which means that the property with solar system installed is much more competitive on the resale housing market.

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