Is that 'Terrorist Behaviour' of Dominion Virginia Power about ignoring community's Solar Power Panels?

Such a behavior sucks! This Power production and distribution company from Virginia, USA, represents a direct threat to national security of USA!
Have security agencies recognized such a behavior as a Terrorist Threat to National Energy Security, yet?
Have security agencies done anything considering enforcement of American energy independence?
Have federal agencies confiscated property of the first responsible person (GM, CEO, etc.) and of the company, which possesses direct threat to national security in omitting use of Free Solar Power and to protect the property and investments of its own citizens, who are concern about country's energy dependence to oil at $116?
Energy is a vital part of any civilization. It is a vital part of modern American society.
Energy could also represents a great threat to National Security, if omitted in any way!

This video tells more than enough!
The price of oil is at its record level of $116 per barrel and that is a great threat to National Economy and to National Security. There is an absolute abundance of free and unlimited supply of Solar Power, which could transform any society into truly energy independent one, and also environmentally friendly, as well.
Yet, our security agencies obviously protect big Oil Corporations in 'robbing the nation', instead to protect the country and its citizens and to enforce Power Independence of its own nation, of its own very existence, at all costs.

Not all enemy subversive activities come in the form of a few terrorists, armed with explosive and guns. There are many more, even more powerful real threats to security in the form of financial conditions, which endanger the state of economic health of the society. Buying oil and other energy sources certainly belong to such threats.
National economy is not healthy at all in current market/financial situation, yet we are not protected against ridiculously high Oil and other energy prices, at all.

The mightiest army on this wonderful blue planet and all state of the art electronic technologies have been 'used/abused' just to push the oil prices to $116 and to fill endlessly greedy pockets of Oil corporations and theirs owners with $trillions!?!

This mighty army and its state of the art technology haven't been used to make a country truly energy independent and free of oil and other dirty energy sources!?!

What a shame? What a pity?
Truly time for a great National clearance and The American Dream part II


  1. In fact this has been going on like this for decades. Systematically scoring off and green projects has brought a situation where it would contemporaneously solve problems as a whole. Lord forgive us for we know not what we're doing.

  2. I've worked with Joe May and Tom Rust on this locally, here in Loudoun/Fairfax, to try to advance the agenda of Dominion actually paying folks for their excess back into the grid. Recently, they did significantly raise the amount of the levels for net metering from corporate entities.
    Now, if more peopple could sell their excess production to Dominion , even wholesale, it would pay back the expense on those systems, as well as give Dominion a source of inexpensive energy to help them reduce their production overhead.


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