Let's make Solar Power Devices Attractive and Fashionable

Current Solar power products, such as solar panels, solar power shingles, and all other devices from photovoltaic family lack attractiveness and especially, they lack of being more fashionable - being more 'IN', simply 'being COOL'.

We could spend hundreds of $millions for marketing renewable photovoltaic technologies to the general public, but the final result of such activities is not going to be very successful, because of information overload in recent years, which caused the natural defense reaction in our brain, to skip the most of media bombardment.

Solar power industry could learn from the very successful case of electric cars and approach of Toyota corporation in promoting their Eco friendly electric - hybrid cars. Instead of heavy direct media bombardment with their adverts they rather focused their efforts to world Top Celebrities. What is so very interesting about that bunch of people? Top celebrity is a person, whose media power as an individual is truly immense.

People are following these celebrities everywhere. Paparazzi are spying about them at all times all over the world. Media corporations have developed new Intelligence industry devoted to tracking their 'top clients - victims' to constantly bring fresh information about every move of this famous people. Big brother works very hard, considering world top celebrities. Even top politicians are not so interesting any more, because they simply lost the power to move the masses in desired direction.
American President could use an electric car on the golf course and it won't have any profound effect to the masses - nation.
But, if Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolly or even Oprah Winfrey or Tiger Woods use Toyota Eco friendly electric car, masses of this world is going to follow immediately.
Fantastic success of Toyota's electric car Prius Hybrid was due to a few Top celebrities, who were showing to media that they were driving it, and that it was a very cool car for them. It was even not so much about design, which is the most important in other cases of deciding, which car one wants to possess.

Give Madonna a solar wrist watch, solar backpack to charge her iPod, while away somewhere outdoor, cover her very many roofs around the planet with solar roof shingles and you are going to see the best possible media promotion about solar power technology, ever, just for a fraction of the regular marketing cost. Better not to mention, of what would have happened if she would have decided to write and to sing her next music hit about free solar power. Her media power and her effect to the world masses is gigantic! (and there are also The Rolling Stones...)

Photovoltaic products need to achieve mass production and mass sale, if wanted to penetrate our every day life.
- Attractive Price (mass production line)
- Simplicity of use (plug and play)
- Attractive design
- and the most important factor - being fashionable, being trendy, being IN.

The future is bright for renewable energy sources.

Photo by choupigloupi Thanks!

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